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Replacment camo textures for Combat Armor plus new camo caps and helmets.

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Version 3.1 is an UPGRADE to the original Camo Combat Armor Redux V3 Mod.
You MUST HAVE already installed Camo Combat Armor Redux V3 to use this upgrade.
Just unzip the V3-1 files into your Fallout3\Data folder and overwrite the old files.


Version 3-1 notes.:

1. Fixes several texture issues. (Thanks Hengebobs!)
2. Includes some normal maps missing in the last version.
3. Includes a matching camo Rivet City Security Visored Helmet.
(Doesn't affect the Vault Security Helmet, but Dusty @ Bigtown will now wear the camo version)
4. Includes tweaked textures for the Tenpenny Combat Armor and Headgear.


Version 3 now includes matching Camo Combat Caps (based on the roving trader hats) and a Multicam Paratrooper Helmet. (based on the motorcycle helmet)
Note: Due to the use of a special composite material, the Paratrooper Helmet offers the same damage protection as the Armor Combat Helmet at a reduced weight. The trade off is that is is rare, and thus a bit more expensive to buy...

This is a replacement texture set for all five Combat Armors in the game. The Basic Combat Armor, Reilly's Rangers, Rivet City Security, Talon Company, and Tenpenny Security. It will change all of the above combat armor (both male and female) in your game to these camo colors. It DOES NOT change the Roving Trader hat or the Motorcycle Helmet. The camo versions of these are new items, available at Craterside Supply and Rivet City Supply.

I have left the metal armor plates the stock colors and enhanced the basic appearance by using matching camouflage cloth undergarments, and camouflage cloth helmet covers.

Combat Armor (khaki) = Multicam
Reilly's Rangers (kelly green) = Jungle DPM
Rivet City (blue) = Police Digital
Talon Company (charcoal) = Gray Flecktarn
Tenpenny Security (gold) = Desert


The basic Combat Armor and Combat Helmets are availabe throughout the game. Matching camo hats and Para Helmets are available from Craterside Supply and Rivet City Supply.

The Reilly's Rangers helmets are extremely rare! Plus they used the stock combat helmet (khaki) texture?? Therefore, I have place some extra sets of their armor, helmets, and hats inside a crate in the storage area of the Ranger compound.

The Rivet City Combat Armor, helmets, and hats, are available from Seagrave Holmes at Rivet City Supply.

The Talon Combat Armor is everywhere, but the helmets are extremely rare! (I have only found one in their main HQ) Therefore, I have placed a few extra mercs helmets and hats in a shipping crate in the Talon base just west of Grayditch.

The Tenpenny Combat Armor, helmets, and hats, are available from Tenpenny Security Chief Gustavo.


Check out the enclosed "readme" file for all the details and let me know if you notice any problems, etc..

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