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A shady doctor relocated to Point Lookout many years ago. Can you find his Point Lookout motel room and uncover his motivation for being there?

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In the Shadow of the Swamp

(It overwrites your existing .esp from episode I & II)

v 1.08

A shady doctor took up residence in Point Lookout years ago. Exploring his motel room may yield clues as to his motivation for being there as well as the plan he had laid out for the residents of Point Lookout.

A biologist travelled to Point Lookout to research and document the symbiotic relationship between Punga plants and the indigenous Punga scorpions. Will his research bring him into contact with the disreputable doctor from Episode I?

A young anthropologist finds herself taxed with investigating the history and culture of the swampfolk in the Point Lookout area. She finds more than she bargained for in the murky swamps.


Enclosed in the latest patch you'll find a new .esp: PLFewerItems.esp. It makes numerous changes to the Point Lookout environment as a whole to make it more difficult; principal to its design is a reduction in healing items found strewn about.



v 1.00

The objective of this mod is to reduce the amount of various healing items and ammunition available in Point Lookout and make the player's trek through this DLC more challenging.

The amount of stimpaks, ammunition, and miscellaneous items in Point Lookout annoyed me. Finding multiple stimpaks on swampfolk just seemed wrong, and the sheer *amount* of stuff didn't sit well with me. Those who favor a more challenging experience with limited provisions and suboptimal equipment may enjoy the changes implemented by this mod.


  • Drastically lower the amount of stimpaks and ammunition in Point Lookout
  • Lower the number of items found on Swampfolk, especially stimpaks
  • Reduce the stimpaks & medical items found in Point Lookout first aid kits
  • Remove numerous healing items strewn about like confetti from several portions of the DLC


This mod was tested using the new 1.7 patch, but should not require it for functionaility. Regardless, it is recommended that you update to the latest 1.7 patch.

Thanks for checking out my mod. Please don't forget to rate and/or leave comments in the comments thread. Have fun


I would like to thank
for his generous donation of a Punga respawn script. I incorporated a slightly modified version of it into this mod.

I'd like to thank joefoxx082 for his excellent work on the 14mm pistol. I used his model, sounds, and texture in this mod. The pistol's texture has been modified to make it consistent with Tiger Manufacturing's product line. If you would like to see the original direct your browser to:

The new Tiger Caspian is based on the fantastic MP7 meshed & textured by the always impressive HeroinZero. The weapon's texture has been modified to make it consistent with Tiger Manufacturing's product line. If you would like to see the original direct your browser to:

The handy new utility belt was made by Deacon, and it was featured in http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5905 uploaded by KURESE_DEREKO.
The belt's texture has been modified to make it consistent with Tiger Manufacturing's product line.


v 1.08

  • doors/barricades at hotel fixed regardless of MasterUpdate status
  • crash issue with 'shack poster' (hopefully) resolved
  • Episode I's passcode puzzle refined slightly for the sake of logic
  • car added to a certain exterior location for immersion
  • a few small graphical tweaks here and there

v 1.07
  • corrected misleading directions in one note
  • all notes adjusted to be compatible with DARN UI (should eliminate note clipping)
  • fixed a few spelling errors/typos in notes
  • doors at the hotel de-conflicted
  • Tiger Caspian's performance increased through a different projectile implementation. Radius effect now; be careful when firing in close quarters! Critical damage increased significantly, though number of projectiles is decreased.
  • Caspian meat healing reduced a bit
  • Sumatran changed to 15mm to avoid confusion with 14mm models available in other popular mods
  • Caspian 'crazy baseball hat on corpses issue' fixed

v 1.06
  • refinements to Punga harvesting
  • minor graphical fixes
  • EPISODE III now included, featuring five new interior areas and an adventure that takes the player back and forth between Point Lookout and the Capitol Wasteland. Dozens of new notes / posters, a new weapon, new apparel item, and a new Punga recipe
  • A trio of Easter Pungas for the observant explorer to discover

v 1.05
  • corrections to several notes
  • initial quest flags to get the player started/episode reminder
  • ability to synthesize 14mm ammunition in larger batches
  • refined pungas no longer harbor scorpions
  • slightly increased poisonous punga harvest frequency
  • slightly lowered exploding punga chance
  • reworked motel doors to increase compatibility
  • a handful of graphical corrections in the punga cave
  • Tiger weapon power tweaked; more powerful in consideration of ammo scarcity
  • fixed 'snappy cap' (now just a regular ol' non-snappy cap)

v 1.04
July 27.2009
  • Reworked Punga Cave Exterior to reduce the chance of display issues
  • Removal of a lot of extraneous cell information
  • Inside of Punga Cave gets a few tweaks
  • A few word replacements / typo fixes in a handful of notes.

v 1.03
  • EPISODE II now available
  • adds a motel room, a house, and a good-sized cave to explore
  • new prototype weapon from Tiger Manufacturing. with new model, textures, effects, and sounds
  • SuperChemBot adds new functionality
  • new creature (Punga Scorpion)
  • overhaul to the Punga picking system; now there's a chance to harvest different strains of Punga. There may even be explosions from overripe Punga fruits or irritated Punga Scorpions.
  • over a dozen new notes
  • new posters/paintings

v 1.02
  • fixed several graphical issues in the motel room
  • moved a few items around to fix clipping
  • removed accidental spectacles
  • fixed script so that the autodoc should function whether or not you have opened the safe
  • replaced ritual knives with regular old non-ritual knives

v 1.01
July 08.2009

  • Added new motel room at the Homestead Lounge
  • Learn about a shady doctor (who also happened to be an excellent cook) and the motivations that drove him to Point Lookout.
  • Two new mini-quests to unlock the secrets of motel room 1P.
  • new PIP icons for all of the new Punga recipes.
  • several new posters
  • 5 new notes
  • Punga plants now regrow after three to four days. When picking a Punga you will be able to harvest anywhere from one to three fruits, depending on how many are growing on the plant and the condition of the fruits.

v 1.0
June 24.2009

Initial Release