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Tenpenny Tower Radio with sexy, swinging Bossa Nova Jazz music.

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Sadly since upgrading my computer I have barely been able to run Fallout without crashing, so for the longest time I have not worked on any more modding. However, I welcome you, the community, to consider my files a resource. Use them for yourself or, if you like, make fixes and contributions to send to me to upload here (just PM me for my email to mail files to). Thanks so much, and keep safe out there in the wasteland!

What does this mod do?
This mod activates Tenpenny Tower Radio; a radio station that was not completed by Bethesda.

4 Intros and 8 Quotes by Mr. Alister Tenpenny.
33 sexy, swinging Bossa Nova jazz tracks.
(with non-music content to come, hopefully!)

Bossa Nova?
I wanted to add a kind of music that would be unique in the game and not covered by other mods. The residents of TPT are hardly high intellectuals, and Agitha had classical covered already anyway, so I choose a particular type of jazz. Bossa Nova is a lounge-style jazz music that began in the late 50's, making it the hot new thing when the Apocalypse happened. It has a very upbeat, groovy sound, which should provide a unique experience as you are out there scrounging the wastes.

Future Plans
This mod is very basic at the moment, however I would like to build on it. I have a voice actor friend who offered to help me out. But, if there is anyone else out there who fancies themselves voice actors, please contact me, as I have many ideas for segments to add to this station.

-Replace TPT lobby music with this radio station and place a few radios around the world.
-Add more content. Commercials, financial segment, mid-night beat poetry slam. Contact me if you want to help out!

Tenpenny Voices: Bethesda
Scripting: DarkanX
Music: Royalty free/free use music from: Lounge Lizards & Skip Peck