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NPC\'s and Companions use my new settings making their combat behavior more tactical and believable. Closer to First Person Shooter games where enemies take cover, flank, lay down suppressive fire. Instead of, \"hey let me stand here in the open while I am getting shot\"

Permissions and credits
Works great with XFO, and FWE. Compatable with FOOK, MMM, and any other mod that DOESN'T change how NPC's react during combat. For those that have looked at or used my G.T.O mod, I took the Combat Settings from it and separated it into this mod. Plus I updated it for the latest XFO, and FWE releases.

Changes the A.I. for NPC's, companions, NPC's from other mods so that they behave more appropriately during combat....

These setting add realism and the tactical feeling of combat from other games.

This mod works GREAT!! with FWE and XFO. It also compatible with FOOK,MMM, and every other mod out there that doesn't change A.I settings.


NPCS don't dodge your bullets like superman anymore, the chance for them to dodge is lowered drastically.

NPCS cover more when attacking you with guns instead of dodging bullets ;)

NPCS and SuperMutants at lower levels have a lower percentage to hit you and will actually MISS you more when they fire at you, the higher their skill and level the higher percentage they will hit you.

NPCS engage at you from further distances, and depending on their level and skill, on if they hit you, using my new settings that is.

NPCS and SuperMutants now are more cautious about running and charging you, they tend to stay back and fire, take cover and advance on you.
(SuperMutants still charge you more, because they are stupid. Melee weapon using NPC's still come at you, but will flee if taken too much damage)

NPC's and Creatures will run for their life more and take cover if they are about to die.

NPCS and SuperMutants when in cover now tend to wait till you are not firing at them to fire back, and are less likely to stand there and shoot at you when you are shooting at them, unless they are in the open of course.

NPCS and SuperMutants have a much lower percentage to hit you now if YOU are sneaking or in the crouch position

NPCs and Supermutants shoot much less accurately when you cripple their arms. This is different setting than mods like Primary Needs, ACE, etc..
Seriously their accuracy is crap if you cripple their arms :)

NPCS and Supermutants depending on the situation and number of them, will suppress fire at you when in cover and advance on your position to get a better shot on you.

NPCs and SUpermutants are more prone to stand there and wait for you to break your cover to fire at you. This depends on the situation, and the type of NPC.

NPCS react to you shooting at them from further distances, and will run and investigate, if they spot you the will engage you at that distance.

NPCS and Creatures are able to see you further and will engage you, no more sneaking by enemies at close range and getting away with it, depends on sneak skill.

NPCS and Creatures will search for you longer and further.

NPC and Creature view angle decreased, so they cant see you from so well from the corner of their eye. Easier to sneak to the side of an enemy, but with the new settings it greatly depends on your sneak skill.

NPCS and Creatures wont flee 10 feet and hide and cower, they now are able to flee further away and hide, but still are a percentage, they will hide nearby

NPCS and Creatures will search for you further in interiors, so if you shoot a in a building, NPC and Creatures will react to it if they are down the hall. Depends on if you directly engage them or you knock something over or make a bunch of noise. They will react accordingly.

Grenades don't bounce as long anymore, if used in conjunction with my better grenade physics mod, it greatly improves the realism for thrown grenades. This is a different setting than my Frag Grenade Physics mod, it will be included in the next update for that mod.

Player can jump higher now, not uber jumping but a realistic jumping.

Notes From Author:

This was the core of my G.T.O. mod, which i have updated and left everything else but the A.I. changes.
Not everyone liked the speed and weight changes and some of the other tweaks, as a request I have nixed them.

Changelog 1.0
Version 1.0 Original Version

Load Before or After overhauls such Fook, MMM, FWE, XFO. I suggest after just in case other mods change these settings, why, because my settings work in hand to go along with one another, and it probably wont break anything anyways if you do.

The A.I. functions may not apply if you saved a game while in combat. I suggest you load a savegame outside of combat of course.

Open the zip file for this mod and extract the data folder into your your Fallout 3 folder (default C:\Program Files \Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3).

check the plugin from Fallout 3 launcher or FOMM and play the game. Go get in a fight and see the difference

Bugs and Compatibility
I have been using this since November of 2008, I've gone through thousands of battles. I use this mod with FWE, FOOK, MMM, and portions of XFO. There
are no issues. I load this after all other mods as I don't want other mods to overwrite the settings of this mod.

I did open up fook and noticed changes in the combat style for some NPC's. I still suggest loading my mod after all other overhaul mods including Fook, as we are changing the same thing and let my settings override.


Uncheck the Plugin or delete it, though I don't know why you would want to ;(

Additional Notes and Credits
Thanks to Bethesda for the game
The creatures from MMM who were my testing dummies for this mod :O
Authors of FWE,XFO,FOOK,MMM who I mainly created this mod to go along with
Myself for finally advancing in the game from the Vault to Megaton, and finally I am at Bigtown ;) One of these days I will complete the game, modding is too much fun

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice
Please use this in your mods and add to it