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Custom Race + Broken Steel = Can\'t start. Use this override to get past the ending.

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CREBSOR... horay for stupid name.
Original Description and TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE is in the uploaded readme.

Idiot's Guide to get Broken Steel started:
1 Unzip to fallout 3\data and enable in FOMM. Put the plugin at the END of the load list.
2 Right click your fallout3.exe and CHECK the version of your executable in properties. If it is not, you've screwed up. Patch again.
3 This file, like ALL mods that master a DLC, is incompatible with G4WL. It'll just crash FO3 upon launch. Use G4WL disabler to move your DLCs.

Doing these steps WILL transport you to the start of Broken Steel quest after you activate the console. This won't fix mods that breaks Broken Steel. This won't make your bed and wash your dishes. This only fix 1 broken script Bethesda wrote that prevent non-standard races getting past the ending movies.

7/11/10- Updated description/uploaded original as readme. I guess some people really are too lazy to read.
6/03/10- Minor update to description. I wonder if anyone reads these things ;o
7/26/09- Gender check returns for gender specific binks, but more efficient than the vanilla way.
7/22/09- Guide: added link to Rothfix
7/14/09- Mini-troubleshooting guide.
6/22/09- Ending movies removed version added. *Request by Zuzaski
5/12/09- Achievements Removed version. Courtesy of JustinOther
5/10/09- Original