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+140 More Perks!
This perk mod is to improve and expand the list of perks that we can take when we level up, especially now that we have Broken Steel for higher level cap.

Permissions and credits
April 23rd 2011

More Perks for Fallout 3


- This mod will no longer be supported.
- Add Dree74 into your facebook friend and continue your More Perk experience at New Vegas!

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As of Version. 2.3.2
-> There shouldn't really be any mods that would cause conflict.
-> I did my best to not alter any of the original contents, if you are in doubt, run Fo3Edit and see it for yourself.

### What does this mod do?
- To Expand the list of perks that you can select at the level-up screen. There were about 50-ish for Fallout3.esm and i thought that wasn't enough.
- The vanila game lacked the role of Luck and Action Points. Some perks here will be handled or impacted by the player's Luck stat and Action Points.
- Each DLC came with unique resources, yet most of them were not available to player once the main quest gets finished. In this mod, you may find some perks use the materials that you used to love from particular DLC.
- The goal here is to offer player the perks that are useful, balanced, fun, unique, and not-too-awkward (for the lore-lovers.).

### Requirements
- For Dree Perks.Esp and Dree Perks Reqeusted.esp, you only need fallout 3.esm
- For any DLC related ESP, you need that specific DLC.
- Toggle the Archive Invalidation. (Mandatory. If you dont know how, use FOMM.)
- I suggest 1.7 patch because it fixes the hit chance in VATs.
- Each perk pack(DLC) is independent to each other. You don't have to use the main esp file.


Perk List:

1) Full Swing (lvl4) (3 ranks)
req: +4 Strength

-> +5 Melee Damage per rank.

2) Early Power Armor Training. (lvl4)
Req: Only if you do not have the Power Armor Training Perk already.
-> Gives player Power Armor Training and increase the maximum carry weight by +15.

3) Workaholic (lvl4) (3 ranks)
req: +30 Barter, +4 Strength

-> +25% Discount for Alcohols and Cigarettes. (per rank.)

4) Destiny Gambler (lvl6)
-> Random events occur during the combat.

5) Major Leaguer (lvl6)
req: little leaguer perk

-> Higher damage with baseball bat and great discounts on buffouts.

6) Racist. (lvl6),(3 ranks)
Req: Evil or Very Evil Karma
-> Higher damage and Crit. Damage to anyone that is not player's race.

7) Roach Lover. (lvl6) (2 ranks)
-> Make a radroach become player's follower for a period of time.

8) Father's Will (lvl6)
Req: Good or Very Good Karma, Water of Life Quest done.
-> Turns dirty water into purified water

9) Delievery Man/Woman (lvl6)
req: Finished any delievery quest.

-> +35 Carry Weight and +5% Run/Walk Speed, but -1 Charisma.

10) More Potatoes (lvl6) (2 ranks)
req: +40 explosive, +50 barter
-> Most Weapon vendors sell more grenades and mines and player can purchase the greandes and mines for cheaper prices.

11) Energy Protection (lvl6)
req: +45 explosive, +30 medicine, +35 science

-> Increased energy resistance while holding plasma grenade or mine.

12) Steed (lvl6) (3 ranks)
req: +6 Agility

-> Player is able to run faster. (+10% per rank.)

13) Will of Creator (lvl6)
req: +10 Weapons Created.

-> Higher Crit. Damage with schematic weapons.
(Note: This perk will not apply to any custome schematic from other mods.)

14) One way or another (lvl6)
req: +45 Big Guns

-> Missle launcher's damage can be fatal if targetting the head in VATS.

15) Vault-Tec Pharmacist (lvl8)
req: +45 Science, +45 Medicine

-> If Player has a Fission Battery and an Empty Syringe in his/her inventory.
-> Player gets Med-X and Rad-x at the cost of an empty syringe.

16) Mutant Hunter. (lvl8), (3 ranks)
-> Higher Hit chance in VATS against any mutants.

17) Bruiser (lvl8)
req: +6 Strength, +6 Endurance

-> -3% Run/Walk Speed and -3 Action Points, +1 Strength and +25 Carry Weight.

18) Raider Slayer. (lvl8), (3 ranks)
-> Higher Crit.chance against any raiders.

19) Quantum Rush! (lvl8)
-> Increased the amount of Nuka Quantum found from the vending machines.

20) No, Not the Potato! (lvl8)
req: +45 Explosive, +7 Agility
-> when enemy is about to throw grenade or mine, Player is granted 95% chance to hit and explode when player aim it in the VATS.

21) Grenade Engineer (lvl8) (2 ranks)
req: +55 explosives, +35 Science, +35 Repair
-> turns a cherry bomb, scrap metal and 3 flaming fuel into a Frag Grenade/Mine.

22) Elite Prankster (lvl8)
req: +45 Explosive, +30 Sneak, +6 Agility
-> While equipping any explosive and sneaking, +10 Sneak and +5% invisibility

23) Steady Hunter (lvl8) (3 ranks)
req: +40 Small Gun, +5 Agility
-> +15% More Damage with Hunting Rifle and Ol Painless.
-> Additional Hit Chance bonus in VATS.

24) Persistent Manner (lvl8)
req: +4 Agility
-> If enemy is reloading their gun, this is your perfect opportunity to knock 'em out.

25) Bring it On! (lvl8)
req: +4 Strength, +5 Endurance, +40 Big Guns
-> Combat becomes brutal for both sides if both player and the enemy are using miniguns at each other.

26) Chairman. (lvl10)
req: +30 Medicine and +45 Sneak.
-> while sitting down, player is able to gain healing and rad-removing while sitting.

27) Defender of Freedom. (lvl10)
req: Good or Very Good Karma,and Head Of State Quest should not be done with Slaver Victory.
-> Player instantly becomes enemy of all slaver factions in Capital Wasteland while becoming ally of Temple of Union.

28) Communist (lvl10)
req: Barter skill less than 50.
-> Allies with Chinese remnant force.

29) Doorbuster (lvl10) (3 ranks.)
req: +50 Explosive skills, Less than 20 Lockpick skills.

-> At a cost of Cherry bomb, player is able to open a locked door.

30) Scavenger Union (lvl10)
req: +35 Barter
-> the scavengers now offer 100% repair service to the player.

31) Investor (3 ranks),(lvl10)
req: Bater +65, Own 2000 Caps
-> adds more caps to general merchants in the wasteland (per rank)

32) Heavily Trained (lvl10)
req: +55 Big Guns, +6 Strength
-> When player equips a 2-hand-handled weapon, +15% Hit Chance while in VATs.

33) Double Slash (lvl10)
req: +6 Luck , +45 Melee Weapon

-> Occasionally (depending on player's Luck stat), when player is fighting with a sword,
-> Another "Lone Wanderer" with Chinese Officer sword, will show up to finish the kill.

34) Shocking Punch (lvl12)
req: +60 unarmed skills

-> With any hand-to-hand weapon, player's target takes shocking damages for few seconds.

35) Limb Grinder (3 ranks) (lvl12)
req: +70 Big Guns.
-> Increased hit chance and damage with handled weapons.

36) Ghoulficated Heart. (lvl12)
req: Good or Very Good Karma.
-> player is allied to the feral ghouls.

37) Potato Farmer (lvl12) (3 ranks)
req: +65 Explosive, +7 Luck
-> player has better chance to find more explosives on battlefield.

38) Beanballer (lvl14)
req: +50 Explosive, +6 agility.
-> Player has a higher chance to hit target while throwing grenades in VATS.

39) Millionaire (lvl14)
req: +77 Barter, +7000 caps
-> +2 Charistma
-> Wearing Tenpenny Suit or Eulogy suit provides extra barter and speech skills.

40) Uneducated Youth. (lvl14) (3 ranks)
req: Evil or Very Evil Karma, and Player must not have Here and Now and Educated perks.
-> Player inflicts more damages to old people.

41) Two Faces. (lvl14)
req: Neutral Karma
-> During Night, player gains +15 Sneak and Lockpick. and during Day, player gains +15 Repair and Medicine.

42) Let'em Do it.(lvl14)
req: +8 Charisma, +65 Speech

-> +25 Carry Weight per Follower and +5 Action Points per follower (Up to 4 followers.)

43) Unexpected Happiness. (lvl14)
req: +8 or higher luck
-> Player is able to find most of unique items present in Wasteland from most unexpected containers.

44) Smooth Criminial (lvl14)
req: Silent Running Perk, +10 Pockets Picked

-> +10% Speed and +5% Invisibility while sneaking into someone else's property.

45) Heavy Marksmanship (lvl14)
req: +6 Agility, +50 Big Guns

-> While zooming in with launcher weapons, (such as missle launcher or fatman)
-> Every second (or two) of observation increase the hit chance in VATS until projectile is fired.

46) Pathfinder (lvl16)
req: +7 Perception, +8 Agility

-> If Player is currently exploring the indoors, +15% Run/Walk Speed, +3 Lockpick and +1 Perception

47) Scout (lvl16)
req: +8 Perception, +7 Agility

-> If the player is currently exploring the outdoors, +15% Run/Walk Speed, +1 Perception , and gains Action Point Regenration (+3 AP/sec)

48) Artist or Arsonist? (lvl16)
req: +75 Explosive, +9 Perception
-> Player will be able to build artistic grenades with frag grenades.
-> if target is female, she may run away from player with her dress off. If target is male, he will burn to death.
(Bug: High Aggression/Confidence NPC such as Raider females will stand still.)[/i]

49) Voice from the Space. (lvl16)
req: +45 Science
-> Player is able to find Alien weapons and ammo more frequently.

50) Blind Luck. (lvl16)
req: Less than 4 Luck
-> Player loses all perceptions but gains enough luck to cover yourself in combat.

51) Turret Expert (lvl16)
req: Robotic Expert
-> Turn the enemy turret to player's side, and it is unnecessary to sneak around to get to the turret.

52) Pip-Boy Upgrade (lvl16) (2 ranks)
req: +60 Repair +40 Medicine
-> Pip-Boy automatically uses stimpacks to heal the player.
(Same as medic power armor effect, except it uses stimpacks instead of med-x)

53) Weapon Repair Master (lvl 16) (3 ranks)
req: Gun Nut Perk, +60 Repair
-> If player's weapon's condition is below 85%, player automatically applies a scrap metal to repair the current equipped weapon.

54) Rasputin. (lvl18)
req: +7 Endurance and Evil or Very Evil Karma
-> +5% Damage and Rad Resistance, +10% Poison and Fire Resistance.

55) Compressionist (lvl18)
req: +65 Repair
-> Increase the Armor Rating of Pre-War Cloth to 35-45.
-> player need to equip a Pre-War Suit/Dress and own a power armor in inventory.

56) Art of Pain (lvl18)
req: +9 Endurance, +9 Strength.

-> Player becomes much more lethal as he or she gets radiated or get hurt.

57) Ability to Focus (lvl18)
req: Computer Whiz perk, +50 Action Points.

-> Player can now "Attempt to Concentrate" on any locked door, terminal and container at the cost of 50 Action Points.

58) Last Remnant of Enclave. (lvl18), (3 ranks)
req: finished the main quest.
-> player does more crit.damage against any Brotherhood of Steel, or Oucasts.

59) Totem Master (lvl18)
Req: Evil or Very Evil Karma
-> +10% Damage and Crit.Damage to all enemies that are nearby the totem.
-> Player has to be sneaking in order to create totem, and totem requires 50 action points per activation.

60) Prophet of Salvation. (lvl20)
req: Very Good Karma and +75 Medicine
-> With all 5 mutilated body parts, player is able to revive the dead human npcs.
(Required Materials: 2 mutilated arms and legs, and one mutilated torso, organ and skull.)

61) Rejuvenation (lvl20)
req: finished the tranqulity lane quest.
-> Player becomes a Child with few bonus perks.

62) Veteran (lvl20)
req: finished the main quest in vanila fallout 3. (Before the Vanila Ending)
-> Player becomes little bit Old and slight more poison/radiation resistance.

63) New Era. (lvl20)
req: Intense Training.

-> Reset all SPECIAL Points.
-> Adds One More Special Point.

64) Dark Origin (lvl20)
req: Req: Evil or Very Evil Karma, Night Person Perk..

-> During the Combat, player is able to spread the curse to some of current targets.

65) Fire Immunity (lvl30)
req: +10 End, +8 Str. and no other immunity perks.

-> Grants +85% Fire Resistance with -5% to all other resistance.

66) Poison Immunity (lvl30)
req: +10 End, +8 Str. and no other immunity perks.

-> Grants +85% Poison Resistance with -5% to all other resistance.

67) Radiation Immunity (lvl30)
req: +10 End, +8 Str. and no other immunity perks.

-> Grants +85% Radiation Resistance with -5% to all other resistance.


More Perks for Operation Anchorage. Ver.1.3.9

1) Winter Soldier (lvl6)
req: Entered VSS Simulation.
-> While equipping any Combat Armor/Combat Helmet, +10% Crit.Damage in VATS mode.

2) Microsensor Expert (lvl 6) (3 ranks)
req: +30 explosives, +30 science and finished the Main Operation Anchorage Quest.
-> When player has sensor module and a mine, player gains a spider mine follower. (one per rank)

3) Simulation Sickness. (lvl8)
req: Player is in either Operation Anchorage or Tranquility Lane
-> Player gets to choose 1 SPECIAL points everytime Player leaves the simulation.

4) American Patriot. [i](lvl10)

req: Finished Operation Anchorage Main Quest.
-> Much more critical chance and critical damage if player is exploring in buildings that are tied to American hitsory.

5) Polar Bear's Cola (lvl12)
req: Animal Friend Perk.
-> Player is able to give a Iced Nuka Cola to a Yao Guai,(by pressing E for default key).
-> Yao Guai will then follow the player for a period of time.

6) Alaskan Sniper. (3 ranks) (lvl14)
req: Finished Operation Anchorage Main Quest. +6 Agility. +6 Perception. +45 Energy Weapon Skills.
-> Better stats on the Gauss Rifle.
(If you already own a mod that alters the Gauss Rifle, taking this perk will not add stats to your modded Gauss Rifle.)

7) Fried Circuits (lvl14)
req: Player must be in the VSS Simulation, and Thief Perk, +8 Luck.

-> Player can Steal by "Rez it!" option on someone else's property, which costs 50 action points.
-> Player must be sneaking and equip Neural Interface Suit in order to perform the rez.

8) Grease Monkey. (Lvl16)
req: Finished Operation Anchorage Main Quest and Robotic Expert Perk.
-> With the 10 Scrap Metals, 8 Fission Battery, and 500 Microfusion Cells.
-> Player can build a kit that can summon Chimera Tank.

9) Living in Delusion (lvl18)
req: Finished the Operation Anchorage and less than 4 Luck.

-> Randomly, Hostile Chinese Troops and Friendly American Soliders from Alaskan battleground may show up.
-> Randomly, Player will see the blue Alaskan sky.


More Perks for The Pitt. Ver.1.1.4

1) Mildman/Mildwoman (lvl4)
req: +60 Speech, +4 Charisma.
-> Player does not get attack from the Wildman in the Pitts.
-> Vendors in the Pitts gives 25% discounts to player and provide expanded list of items.

2) Deeply Paranoid (lvl6)
req: Become a slave in the Pitt.

-> All health get fully restored once the combat against any slavers is finished.

3) Bright Side of Life (lvl8)
req: Become a slave in the Pitt.

-> +40 lbs Carry Weight and +5 Speech.

4) Uprising (lvl10)
req: Joined Werhner's side to destroy Ashur.

-> As long as the player has follower, +20 Increased Health per follower.
(Up to 4 Followers.)

5) Supervisor (lvl10)
req: Joined Ashur's side to destroy Werhner.
-> Player does +10 melee or unarmed damages to any slaves.

6) Pittbull (lvl12)
req: Pitt Fighter Perk.

-> Player's unarmed damage increase as he/she charges towards enemy.

7) Always Eat First (lvl14)
req: Cannibal Perk

-> When player must be sneaking in order to eat the corpses of Trogs and other mutants.
-> Restores +55 Health, and gains +35 Radiation, and a slight stat boost effect for a short period of time.

8) Heavy Metals (lvl16)
req: +7 Luck, +5 Endurance.
-> Any trog or wildman player kills will have a chance to spawn a steel ingot.
-> Slight stat boost for wearing metal master armor and metal blaster.


More Perks for Broken Steel Ver.1.0.0

1) Deal Behind the Look (lvl12)
req: Wearing any wig

-> Wigs provide extra ease on barters as player gains more level.

2) Bold Decency (lvl14) (3 ranks)
req: +5 Charisma

-> +5 Speech and increase the total income from the gangs and frauds.

3) Already Forgotten (lvl16)
req: Finished the Main Broken Steel quest with extreme choice.

-> Rejoins Brotherhood of Steel and erase their hostile records.

4) I'm From Redcross (lvl18)
req: Finished the main Broken Steel quest and +4 Charisma.

-> Player can ask friendly super mutants to donate blood samples.

5) Nikola's Shockwave (lvl20) (3 ranks)
req: Costs 3 "Nikola Tesla and You" books.

-> +10 Energy Weapons and higher critical damage with tesla cannons.

6) Between the claws (lvl22)
req: Entomologist Perk

-> Higher Crit.Chance and Crit.Damage against Giant/Albino scorpions if aimed at body in VATS.

7) Quantum Master (lvl24)
req: Quantum Chemist Perk

-> Creates Nuka Cola Quantums with many other common ingredients.

8) Champion of Atom (lvl26)
req: Finished the Holy Water quest in peaceful manner and Very Evil Karma.

-> Player can try to convince the water beggers into the faithful believers of Atom.

9) Loyalty in Rabies (lvl28)
req: Puppies! perk.

-> Dogmeat's each attack is critical and can chase down enemies at deadly speed.

10) 4th of July (lvl30)
req: Finished the main Broken Steel Quest, +95 Explosives

-> Player can drop Orbital Strikes using Pipboy.


More Perks for Point Lookout Ver.1.2.2

1) Ticket Master (lvl4)
req: +35 Barter, +35 Speech

-> Lowers the price of Ferry Ticket to 1 and reaveals most of the Metro Map markers in the Capital Wasteland.
-> +1 Barter skill bonus for every 5 Metro Tickets in the inventory.

2) Fresh off the Boat (lvl6)
req: Arrived at Point Lookout Dock.

-> Player gains more experience during the injury.

3) Swamp Ghost (lvl8)
req: +6 Agility

-> Hillbillies, Tribals and Smugglers are not able to aim at player accurately in swampy area.
-> All Swamplurk/Mirelurks and Bloatflies no longer attacks the player on sight.

4) Swift City Boy/Girl (lvl10)
req: +4 Agility

-> +1 Agility and +5 Action Points when the player is in the Point Lookout.

5) Lumberjack (lvl12)
req: +50 Melee

-> Higher Critical Damage while using Axe/Dismemberer.
-> Enemies get their legs crippled when the player strikes them with Axe/Dismemberer.

6) Vacation in Maryland (lvl12)
req: +30 Barter, +1500 Bottlecaps

-> Receives two free Ferry tickets and enables fast-travel for all the friendly town/settlement in Point Lookout.
-> Player will find the bodyguard at the Ferry Station (eyebot).

7) Mystic (lvl14) (3 ranks)
req: Finished Walking with Spirits Quest.
req: +8 Charisma

-> During the combat, if player was wearing Tribal Garb and the weapon remains holstered.
-> player is able to put 2 decoys (+1 decoy per rank) while taking nvisibility.
-> Decoys disappear and Invisibility wears off instantly if player takes out the weapon.

8) Gray Matters (lvl14)
req: Own the lump of brain

-> +1 Luck as long as lump of brain is with the player
-> +10% Damage to Cowards/Unaggresive targets while scar is attached to the player.

9) Confiscator (lvl16)
req: Good or Very Good Karma, +7 Strength

-> +5% Chance to find unique items while looting dead smugglers and raiders.
-> Randomly, While combating the smugglers and raiders,entire possessions of the target will be stripped and added to the player's inventory.

10) Electromagnetism (lvl18) (3 ranks)
req: +60 Energy Weapons, +60 Science

-> +5% Energy and Electricity Resistances per rank.
-> Microwave Emitter does more damage.

11) Clown Face (lvl20)
req: Equip any Pint-Sized Slasher Mask upon level up.

-> All the crimes player does while pint-sized mask is on, will not be related to the main player.
-> by unequipping the mask, the karma will go back as if player has done no other evil deed.


More Perks for Mothership Zeta Ver.1.1.0

1) Abductee Syndrome (lvl6)
req: Get Abducted by Aliens, +6 Charisma

-> After Coming back to the Wasteland, every Super Mutant Capitve rescued, player receives +3% Energy Resistance.

2) Microcosmic Surgeon (lvl8)
req: Finished the Among the Stars Quest, +50 Science, +50 Medicine.

-> At the cost of any biogel, player can raise the dead feral ghoul as an Alien Abomination.
(Note: Player must be sneaking in order to create the abomination.)

3) Last Samurai (lvl8)
req: Equipping the Samurai Armor at the level up and +35 Melee skills.

-> +10 Critical Damage whlie using a one-hand-melee weapon.
-> Samurai items provide better stats.

4) Recycler (lvl12)
req: Finished Galaxy ain't big enough quest. +60 Science, +60 Repair

-> With Large or Small Crystal, player can create Energy Ammos including Alien Power Cells and Alien Modules from Goo and Ashes.
-> Player must be sneaking in order to perfrom the recycling.

5) Tech. Junkie (lvl12)
req: Finished the Among the Stars quest. +35 Repairs, +35 Science, +65 Barter

-> Player can now turn any dead robot into a fancy alien junk that can be sold for expensive prices.
-> Player must be sneaking in order to create alien junks.

6) Xenotech Veteran (lvl14)
req: Xenotech Expert perk , +70 Energy Weapons skills

-> +5% to 10% Hit Chance in VATs while using Alien weapons and +10% Critical Damage while using Alien weapons.

7) The Annihilator (lvl16)
req: Finished the Galaxy ain't big enough quest. Evil or Very Evil Karma

-> All biological creatures on earth (such as human, mutants, animals, etc) gets marked and weakened.

8) Famous Survivor (lvl18)
req: Finished the Galaxy ain't big enough quest. +75 Speech, less than 3 Endurance.

-> +10% Discount from all merchants, and +2 Charisma
-> Now the Talon Company Mercenaries are much more eager to bring the player down.


More Perks (Requested by fans) Ver.1.3.5

1) Recon 101 (requested by Panpiper) (lvl4)
req: +30 Sneak Skills

-> Sneak Skill bonus if player is wearing a vault 101 suit.

2) Cancerous Growth (Requested by Borrowdale) (lvl6)
req: less than 7 strength.
-> very slowly regenerates health and broken limbs.
-> if limbs get crippled, it might take up to 24 hours to replenish the body part.

3) Shells for Shelly (Requested by Gabrilol) (lvl6)
req: +4 luck
-> Player will find 32-54 more shotgun shells on dead enemy who was using a shotgun.
-> Weapon and Ammo merchants now sell more shotgun shells for cheaper prices.

4) Field Medic (Requested by Ricz) (lvl6)
req: +40 Medicine

-> If player does has less than 15 stimpaks in his/her inventory,
-> create a stimpack with Med-X and Any Chem. (Buffout, Jet, Psycho).

5) Urban Enigma (inspired by Panpiper) (lvl6)
req: Comprehension Perk.

-> Player gets a book Urban Enigma per 9 successful lockpicks, pockets picked, or exploding pants.

6) Out to the Ball Game (Requested by N1c0l4735l4) (lvl8)
req: little leaguer perk

-> + 5 Melee damage and + 5 Action points for using a baseball bat.
-> Having all 4 pieces of baseball items in the inventory grants +1 luck.

7) Sense of Emergency (Requested by Ricz) (lvl8)
req: +40 Science, +50 Medicine

-> During the Combat, if player gets hurt and has health below 75%, Player automatically consumes an alcohol and a Bloodpack to apply an instant +30 Restore Health effect.

8) Tech Wizard (Requested by Borrowdale) (lvl10)
req: +6 Intelligence
-> +4 Lockpick, Repair, Science Skills but -1 Perception (1st rank.)
-> +4 additional Lockpick, Repair, Science Skills total without perception penalty.(2nd rank)

9) Step On My Property!(Requested by Tymog) (lvl10)
req: +35 Explosive, +45 Barter

-> +20% Damage and +5% Force to Bottlecap mines, and each time player's bottlecap mine explodes, bottle caps are earned.

10) Fading Fingerprints (requested by Panpiper) (lvl10)
req: +50 Sneak

-> 10% Invisilibty and +5 Sneak when player is slowly sneaking while tresspassing into someone else's property.

11) Bonsai (Requested by Borrowdale) (lvl12)
req: +40 Science
-> Gains random fruits everyday.

12) Old Olney Citizen (Requested by yunias) (lvl12)
req: Animal Friend Perk.

-> All deathclaw in the Wasteland no longer consider player as an enemy.
-> Upon taking this perk, player gets a baby deathclaw as a follower.

13) Spartan (requested by Daimio) (lvl12) (2 ranks)
req: +7 Strengh, +50 Melee

-> +10 Action Points and +3% Critical Hit while using Melee weapons.
-> +1 Endurance/5% Damage Resistance if player has a teammate. (2nd rank)

14) Napalm on Sunrise (Requested by N1c0l4735l4) (lvl14)
req: Pyromanic perk.

-> Higher crit.chance and crit.damage with flaming weapons in the morning.
-> Find 5-12 flaming fuels from the burned victims of yours. (only if the victims are not robots.)

15) Animal Fiend (Requested by N1c0l4735l4) (lvl14)
req: Player does not have Animal Friend perk.

-> Beating up an animal is much more lethal while being attacked by animal is also crucial.

16) Sharpshooter (requested by Daimio) (lvl14)
req: +7 Perception, +7 Intelligence

-> When the player uses two hand rifle or two hand automatic weapons, +2 Perception.
-> Better aim in VATS if target is far away from the player.

17) Mobius Theory (Requested by Ryann122) (lvl14)
req: +6 Intelligence

-> Adds "Mobius Theory" into the player's inventory. (At Aid section.)
-> Teleports player to anywhere random in the wasteland. (200 possible locations.)

18) Beta Programming (requested by Daimio) (lvl16)
req: Cyborg Perk.

-> +5% Damage Resistance and +15% Energy Resistance if player is getting injured.
-> the amount of resistance get doubled if player's health gets down by 40% or less.

19) Neutral Party (requested by fuger123) (lvl16)
req: Impartial Meditation Perk, +65 Speech.

-> As long as player maintains the neutral karma, the charisma is maxed.

20) Shotgun Diplomacy (Requested by Gabrilol) (lvl18)
req: +8 Endurance, +80 Small Guns
-> +10% Damage/Crit.Damage with shotguns

21) Soul Taker (Requested by Ryann122) (lvl18)
req: +5 Sandman kills.

-> Player can now also perform a sandman kill on NPC sitting on chair.

22) Wimp in Disguise (requested by Panpiper) (lvl18)
req: +80 Sneak, +50 Small Guns.

-> +10 action points and + 5 pistol damage boost when stealthboy effect is on.

23) Mutated Metabolism (Requested by Ryann122) (lvl20)
req: +200 Health, Cancerous Growth Perk.

-> Gains health faster at the cost of action points.

24) Tactical Strategist (Requested by Ryann122) (lvl28)
req: +8 Intelligence, +8 Perception

-> +5% Damage in the VATs Mode.
-> +10% Crit.Damage if player is aiming at the target's back.


More Perks for Fallout 3 and DLC Packs.

Q1) How many random effects are there in Destiny Gambler perks?
A1) There are 20 positive and 20 negative ones and they are almost identical in terms of power.

Q2) Pipboy Upgrade perk still heals when I ran out of stimpaks in Mothership Zeta.
A2) There is a bug in Mothership Zeta that even though your inventory gets cleaned up, the data is not registered.
If you type GetItemCount in console, you will still see the amount of stimpaks you had before the abduction.

Q3) How does Skull of Steel help the lockpicking and hacking?
A3) By Selecting "Attempt to Concentrate" you will be given 100 lockpick or 100 science for 4 seconds. Make your move :)

Q4) Totem seems to be adding all the unlooted loots from previous bodies.
A4) That is an intended feature.

Q5) Does Shotgun Diplomacy perk influence the shotguns in Point Lookout?
A5) No, unfortunately, it only covers 4 shotguns in the vanila fallout 3.

Q6) There seems to be a lag when Chimera tank is summoned.
A6) If you summon the Chimera tank in the interior cells, make sure you summon in the area where the Chimera Tank can move without blocked by obstacles, otherwise, there will be tons of lag.

Q7) The Stat boost from Let Others Do it, is not same as my actual follower number.
A7) It uses the GetPlayerTeammateCount to calculate the total number of followers. Some Companion mods do not use SetPlayerTeammate function on their follower, and in this case, it will not increment the total number of follower.

Q8) The effect shaders from immunity perks seem to cause lags, is there a way to remove the shader effects?
A8) Yes, Type "Player.SMS XXYYYYYY"
(XX = mod index number.)
(YYYYYY = the editor id of effect shader)
(Poison Imm. = 0073b0, Rad.Imm. = 0073b1, Fire Imm. = 0073b2)
If that is too hard for you, you can just save, exit and reload the save file.

Q9) Can I use assets from this mod for my own mod?
A9) No, but contact me first, believe me, I love to share my work with entire community, but just contact me first.

Q10) Can I integrate this mod into my awesome overhaul mod??
A10) No, never.

Q11) I get subrecord errors with [BOOK] YNAM and ZNAM in Fo3edit.
Q11) Those are harmless. Some togglers and activators use Book format that overrides the default sound files.

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM or leave comments, thank you.


Installation Procedure:

1) Download the More Perks.Zip (If you are using Planet Fallout3, download both Part 1 and Part2)
2) Open and Extract all files into the fallout3/Data folder

Uninstallation Procedure:

1) Delete Dree Perks folder in fallout 3/data/Meshes
2) Delete Dree PErks folder in fallout 3/data/Textures
3) Delete Dree Perks folder in fallout 3/data/Sound/fx
4) Delete Dree Perks.esp
5) Delete Dree Perks Read-Me.txt

(Installation/Uninstallation Procedure is similar to all other files.)

## Always remember to remove all the added perks by using the console before unloading the esp files.
Otherwise your save file will be corrupted.

I will not be responsible for your corrupted save files.

## If some perks still don't get removed with Player.RemovePerk, see the readme file included.



GECK by Bethesda Software
Graphic & Design Tool Used: Photoshop by Adobe
Cover Art by Tymog
Scripts written by Dree74
Main Ideas/Plans by Dree74
Extra Ideas Offered by Borrowdale, Tymog, Ryann122, Gabrilol, Yunias, Daimio, Riczk, N1c0l4735l4
Art & Description by Dree74
Directed & Executed by Dree74

## Special Thanks

-> Thank you Tymog for such a lovely Cover art!

Russian Version is also available.