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You\'l find a small group of elite Japanese forces located south east of Warrington station. Good Hunting!

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This Mod is officially dead. I'm not working on it anymore.
Anyone who wants to improve on it, go ahead and knock yourself out. I give Full permission to anyone who wants to use elements of my Mod.

***All righty then, it seems that using the Abbreviated Pip-boy effects mod DOES fix the Yamato Heavy Assault Armor/Helmet crashes. Just search the nexus for Abbreviated and you'll find it. It's a single .ESM file of about 4kb.
*** -Foxxieboy

You will find a base south of Ten Penny Tower, a base south west of Vault 106, and a base North of Little Lamplight. Good Hunting!

Still a WIP. It doesn't matter if you have a high or low end system, you will experience lag no matter what. Also zoning CTDs might happen if you haven't run the F03MasterUpdate.exe

Keep in mind the Fallout 3 engine wasn't designed to have this many objects on the wasteland map. So this mod might not work for you no matter what. There's nothing I can do for this so please keep this in mind before rating. You have been warned. Thanks

(Uses the Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit Mod by Gaijune)

(Uses the Some Katanas by necKros)

Video Created By Tftrashcan

Copy Data folder to your Fallout 3 folder.

Don't forget to download the updates!!!!

Run F3 with "kamikazearmor01.esp"

ALSO Please don't forget to rate it!