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Because there\'s never enough katanas. Three different japanese swords, bit of a localization work and a sword stand where you can find them. Released also as modders resources.

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necKros' Weapons mod: Some Katanas
V1.0 (Release) - 15 April 09
Fallout 3 mod
You saw it first at Fallout 3 Nexus

What is it?

I'm a japanese sword lover, a Fallout freak, and recently a 3D modeler. That's the main reason for this mod. This includes three katanas:

Fine Katana:
A fabulous blade mounted on a very well conserved tsuka (handle) and tsuba (guard).

Scrap Katana:
The blade of this sword is antique, but the mounting was presumably lost and was mounted on a quite rudimentary lead piece. It was done with strange care though. The author was unable to mount a tsuba though, watch your fingers!

Rusted Katana:
This sword was once a great one, but looks like the humidity of the place ruined it. The kissaki (tip) is broken, but it still cuts. Good for a more challenging gameplay.

The swords can be repaired with scrap metal (nothing to do with the blades, but more than the chinese swords) and with the other katanas except the rusted one.

You will find them west of Tempeny Tower, in an abandoned house that was previously sealed (see images for a map). I recreated the house and the basement where you can find them. I like to create atmospheres : D

Now, I started this a self-homework to practise with 3D modeling, and these are my first complete "from scratch" meshes ever (by complete I mean with geometry, diffuse map elaboration, UV mapping and normal mapping). I think they turned out quite well, and that's why they're here now. It's the first time I make a working static with non-convex collition (the sword stand), so autokudos to me. Yatta!

How do I install it?

Safely unpack this onto your Data folder. All files are new.

How do I uninstall it?

In case you would want to uninstall the mod, please be sure that you unequip the swords and save before removing or disabling anything. To disable the mod, just untick the mod in the loading list. Complete desinstallation would come them by removing all the files you extracted.

What do I need?

You will need the archiveinvalidation invalidated or any of the other archiveinvalidation disablers. Look for "archiveinvalidation" here in the Nexus if you are new around.

Can I use them for other mods?

Yeah, everything here is released as modders resources, so either be the katanas or the sword stand, you can use them and modify them. Tell me though, I'd like to see about it.

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If anything, or nothing at all, but only if needed, send your love or hatred, to [email protected]