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Featuring over 180 minutes of original music across 64 tracks & 55 minutes of original broadcast material featuring the robot DJ JunK'et, including an explorable studio location and quest

Permissions and credits
Please also try our Conelrad 640-1240 radio station

Existence 2.0 is available for Fallout 3  and Fallout: New Vegas and also Fallout 4

Existence 2.0



Macabre Productions

>>> This is your new Existence <<<
>>> Welcome to the wasteland <<<
>>> It will be your... <<<
>>> Undoing. <<<

Music Genre: Ambient / Horror / Dreamscape


- Initial release

- Station now only starts once the player is outside the vault
- Improved station scripting for repeated tracks/intros/ etc.
  inline with the official radio stations
- 15 minutes of new DJ content
- 20 minutes of new music (12 tracks)
- First quest (activated in a random station address, and the 
  reward is new music and dream diary on playlist

- Added 70 minutes of new music across 16 tracks

- Players can now visit the Existence 2.0 studio below the
  WKML building
- Added ability to have a chat with Junket
- Some quest journal's text tweaked
- Dream recordings now play less frequently on the station
- Ten minutes of new dialogue for Junket
- Added dozens of files and journals to discover

- Adjusted station start conditions
- Random song / intro / psa selection sweetened
- Station goes live immediately (previously after 10 secs)
- New music added and entire audio selection remastered
- Correction pass on text and dialogue subtitles
- NavMesh optimizations
- Quest re-designed and related story items rewritten
- Adjusted difficulty of studio terminal hack
- Implemented various optimizations and fixes
- Changed station and quest related popups to alerts


This mod adds a new radio station to your Pip-Boy 3000. 
'Existence 2.0' is hosted by Junket, an unknown model of
robot wrought with perpetual existential angst and a general
malaise toward the wasteland's current Existence.

Jaded with this bleak world, it broadcasts 'experimental ambient 
terror' music across the wasteland to echo 'humanity's new existence 
2.0', and shares it's views on survival and what is 'being'. Backstory 
revealing it's past and intentions are revealed throughout the 

>>>Now I will play another track<<<
>>>dedicated to everyone that just died<<<
>>>in the time it took me to speak this<<<
>>>sentence ... rest in pieces<<<

The station contains over 180 minutes of original music across 50

Over 45 minutes of new broadcast material featuring Junket, such as:
intros, dream diary entries, and handy proverbs on surviving in the 

Help Junket out by completeing the quest you receive by listening to 
an important broadcast; with rewards such as new music added to the 

Brand new cell featuring the Existence 2.0 broadcast studio, choked
full of background information on the station's lore, including the 
ability to chat indirectly with the robot host, Junket.

Welcome to your Existence 2.0

>>>Do not go to sleep<<<
>>>in the wasteland at night...<<<
>>>or the radroaches will eat you.<<<

Installation & Uninstallation Instructions

Simply use the Nexus Mod Manager to download and install
the mod or the following manual install instructions:

1. Extract and drop the DATA folder into your install folder 
   (typically \Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\)
2. Overwrite files when prompted
3. Enable 'Existence2.0.esp' plugin on the 'Data Files' section of
   the Fallout 3 Launcher (or in your 3rd party launcher)

To uninstall simply delete the following file and folders:

1. File       'Existence 2.0.esp'    located at \Data\
2. Folder   'Existence 2.0'          located at \Data\Sound\Songs\
3. Folder   'Existence 2.0.esp'    located at \Data\Sound\Voice\
4. Folder   'Existence 2.0'          located at \Data\Sound\Fx\

File History

- v1.0 released

- v1.1 released

- v1.2 released

- v1.3 released

- v1.4 released


Mod Created by
Macabre Productions

(c) 2015 Macabre Productions