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Existence 2.0



Macabre Productions

>>>This is your new Existence<<<
>>>Welcome to the wasteland<<<
>>>It will be your...<<<

Music Genre: Ambient, Horror, Dreamscape



* Players can now visit the Existence 2.0 studio. Explore the
utility basement of the W.K.M.L. building, to learn more
information on the host's past.
* You now have a method to have a chat with JunK'et.
* Some quest journal's text tweaked
* Dream recordings now play less frequently on the station.
* Ten minutes of new dialogue with JunK'et.
* Dozens of files and journals to discover.


* Added 70 minutes of new music to the station's regular playlist
across 16 tracks.


* Station now only starts once the player is outside the vault.
* Improved station scripting ala repeated tracks/intros/ etc.
inline with the official radio stations.

The following has been added:

* 15 minutes of new DJ content
* 20 minutes of new music (12 tracks)
* First mini-quest outlining backstory for future Main Quest
(activated in a random station address; reward: new music & dream)


This mod adds a new radio station to your Pip-Boy 3000.

"Existence 2.0" is hosted by JunK'et, a (yet) unknown model of
robot wrought with perpetual existential angst and general
malaise toward the world's current Existence.

Jaded with this bleak world, It broadcasts "experimental ambient
terror" music and sound design across the wasteland to echo
"humanity's new existence 2.0", and shares It's views on survival and
what is 'being'; backstory revealing it's past and intentions are
revealed throughout the broadcasts.

>>>Now I will play another track<<<
>>>dedicated to everyone that just died<<<
>>>in the time it took me to speak this<<<
>>>sentence ... rest in pieces<<<

The station contains over 180 minutes of original music across 64

Over 45 minutes of new broadcast material featuring JunK'et such as:
intros, dream diary entries, Philosophical Experimental Corner
episode one, and handy proverbs on surviving in the wasteland.

Help JunK'et out by completeing the first mini-quest you receive by
listening to an important broadcast; with rewards such as new music
added to the playlist.

Brand new cell featuring the Existence 2.0 broadcast studio, choked
full of background information on the story, and an ability to chat
indirectly with the robot host, JunK'et.

With more additions to come in planned updates!


There is a quest in the works based on this radio station,
help is always appreciated!

Long time in the making. If you encounter any bugs etc.
please let me know.

>>>Do not go to sleep<<<
>>>in the wasteland at night...<<<
>>>or the radroaches will eat you.<<<

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Macabre Productions

Music composed
Macabre Productions

(c) 2009 Macabre Productions