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Updated - v1.03 - 04/14/2009 --- Revamped Dogmeat with assignable tactics, improved item hunting, Item Hunting Mini Quest/Game, New Abilities, and a new item (Scrapyard Dog Whistle).

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Updated - v1.03 - 04/14/2009
It is recommended that anyone using a previous version should update.
Changes in v1.03:
-Several tweaks to help improve compatability with other mods.
Changes in v1.02:
-Fixed a typo in the filename.
-Fixed a bug where luck was not being calculated, resulting in faulty success rates.
-Tweaked 'Heel' AI to help improve Dogmeat's response.
-Whistle is now dropable, sellable, hotkeyable, and replacable.

Dogmeat has always been a favorite of mine, in all variations, in many different games.

I was disappointed in the FO3 version of Dogmeat, as he is almost worthless by the time you hit lvl 10, and his hunting abilities lacked substance.

There have been several Dogmeat Mods already, but most of them either didn't do what I liked, or was simply way to overpowered to be believable.

In this mod, I have added a couple abilities to Dogmeat for combat, and many for outside of combat.

Slight Stat Tweaks:

1.) Added 5 base damage to help carry Dogmeat along, he is far from overpowered.
2.) Changed his SPECIAL around a little, removing points from CH and placing it elsewhere, also lowered his ST.
3.) Changed his dodge/attack and target selection AI a bit.
4.) Made him a bit more docile by default. (changeable through tactics)

New Hunting Abilities:

1.) Dogmeat can now search for Weapons, Armor, and Ammo simultaneously.
2.) Dogmeat can now search for any chems or food simultaneously
3.) Dogmeat can search for random junk and components.
4.) Dogmeat can still be asked to only search out ammo, if need be.

New Random Hunting Mini Quest/Game:

1.) Dogmeat will now randomly find items during your adventures and bring them to you. (based on the players luck)
2.) Many items, equipment, ingestibles, and unique weapons are available.
3.) Several Items cut from the original game have been implemented through this 'Quest' to keep the story cannon.
4.) 11 Special Items to find, over 30 repeatable items to be found, Including ammo, caps, stims, and equipment.

Some of the special items that Dogmeat can now find at random are:

Scrapyard Dog Whistle (Special New Item)
Lovetap (Unique Brass Knuckles)
Wanda (Unique Assault Riffle)
LawDog (Unique .32)
Excalibat (Unique Bat)
Black Bart's Bane (Unique BB Gun)
The missing barter skill book
A Ranger Helmet
A Ghoul Mask
A Nuka Grenade
A Stealth Boy

Only one of these can be found each, at a very low percentage.
All other items can be found at different rates and quantities, based on the players luck.
You can instruct Dogmeat to stop bringing you items, if you choose.

New Abilities during combat:

1.) Dogmeat can now knock an enemy down at random during combat for a couple seconds, stunning them. (10% chance).
2.) Dogmeat has a chance to cause increased damage to the arms and/or legs of the enemy. (25% chance, while knocked down.)

New Tactics:

1.) You can tell Dogmeat to protect you, as well as be wary of his own health.
2.) You can instruct him to "Sic' em", causing him to go berserk on anything, no matter the danger.
3.) You can tell him to "Heel", keeping close and low for safety and stealth tactics.
4.) You can tell him to stay out of the way, not attacking anyone, or anything, for any reason.
5.) You can ask him to "stay" and not move, waiting for your call.

New Item Scrapyard Dog Whistle:

This is a crudely made dog whistle made from an old Jet cartridge.
It is also one of the first items Dogmeat will find for you.

This item can be used to call Dogmeat from wherever he may be.
This can be extremely helpful when you want to leave him behind for a moment, and not have to go back and get him.
It also works wonders if Dogmeat has wandered off looking for items and never returned.

Give this whistle a blow and he will come running, from anywhere in the Capitol Wasteland.


I want to be clear that I created this entire Mod from scratch, by myself.
I did gather inspiration and ideas from a couple of the mods I have seen thus far, and special thanks goes to the creators of those mods.
FO3Phalanx - Phalanx-Obedient-Dogmeat
MrTi - Improved Dogmeat