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Adds the ability to sleep anywhere. Perfect for the wilderness lover.

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Blanket v3.0

Thanks: Script: Cipscis | Initial Concept: DoujanCC
A big thanks goes out to Cipscis for giving me so much scripting help.. He practically wrote this mod.

Perfect for the wilderness lover!
Adds the ability to sleep anywhere with 'well rested' perk.

Choose in-game between two set-up options:
1. Give me the blankets
2. Find/Scavenge the blankets.
(3 types of blankets, 36 possible locations. Only 12 will be available at any one time.)

Completely Compatible with 'SimpleNeeds'

How to:
Drop you blanket on the ground... Use it, or pick it up.

texture issue:
If textures don't work try changing bInvalidateOlderFiles=0" to "set bInvalidateOlderFiles=1"
in your My Documents / My Games / Fallout3Fallout3.ini file, it seems to solve it.

Game Locations:
4 of each type of blanket (12) will be available at anyone time.
These locations are selected randomly:
blanketArmy1a: Greener Pastures Disposal Site: Makeshift Shack
blanketArmy1b: Reilly's RangerCompound
blanketArmy1c: PFalls Slaver Barracks
blanketArmy1d: Citadel A-ring: The Den
blanketArmy2a: Wheaton Armory
blanketArmy2b: Fort Independence: Barracks
blanketArmy2c: Fort Bannister: Officer's Quarters
blanketArmy2d: GNR Studios
blanketArmy3a: Military Checkpoint n tent (North 'smith casey's)
blanketArmy3b: National Guard Depot: Armory
blanketArmy3c: Fort Constantine: CO Quarters
blanketArmy3d: Talon Company Camp
blanketPlaid1a: Moonbeam outdoor cinema
blanketPlaid1b: Big Town: Red's Clinic
blanketPlaid1c: TenPenny Tower: Herbert Dashwood
blanketPlaid1d: GNR Studios Three Dog's Bed
blanketPlaid2a: Silver Lining Drive-in
blanketPlaid2b: Arefu: Ewer Residence
blanketPlaid2c: Republic of Dave: Capitol Building
blanketPlaid2d: SuperDuper Mart
blanketPlaid3a: Mount Mabel Campground
blanketPlaid3b: Canterbury Commons: Ernest Roe's House
blanketPlaid3c: Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel
blanketPlaid3d: Megaton: Moriarty's Saloon: Nova's Room
blanketKid1a: Minefeild: Gibson House
blanketKid1b: Rivit City: Weatherly Hotel
blanketKid1c: EverGreenMills Merchant: Smiling Jack
blanketKid1d: PFalls: Eulogy's Pad
blanketKid2a: Chaste Acres Dairy Farm: Silo
blanketKid2b: Megaton: Lucas Simms House: Harden's Room
blanketKid2c: PFalls: Child Slave House
blanketKid2d: Andale: Garden Shed
blanketKid3a: Bethesda Suburbs: The Raid Shack
blanketKid3b: Little Lamplight Office
blanketKid3c: EverGreen Mills: Stripper Cell
blanketKid3d: Greyditch: Wilks' House