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Amata, you and the Wasteland. Now with added sugar and companion quests!

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NOTE: CG04: Escape!
MS16: Trouble on the Homefront

Name: Follower Amata
Author: Lawlder (Pistolero in BGSF forums)
Version: U2h (Called ULTIMATE because it just sounds cool)
Latest Update: Sept. 7th 2011
Category: Companions


This mod, as you might guess, adds Amata to Fallout 3 as a recruitable follower.
If you are wondering why this is called Follower Amata ULTIMATE, it was originally just a working name for a revamp this mod went through in early 2010. It also sounds cool.


The current version, U2, allows you to recruit Amata in the most lore friendly way possible and have her follow you into the Wasteland and its dangers.
New in U2, she now has two brand new fresh cool kitten awesome companion quests, which I will tell about a bit later. So keep on reading, maggot!

RECRUITING Amata will need the following steps:
1) Do not kill the Overseer.
2) Help Amata in the interrogation situation
3) Hack Overseer's computer and get the Wasteland Scouting Reports
4) Have very high speech skill
5) Convince her to leave the Vault, and smack those two guards.

Trouble on the Homefront:
1) Do not kill the Overseer (in neither of the quests)
2) Pass the speech checks ("Starts from dialogue: "You know, the Wasteland has made me happier than I ever was in the Vault"). You will need a lot of skill for these, so I recommend boosting your speech to at least 85 before trying.
3) Solve the quest peacefully.
4) Wait for Overseer and Amata have their discussion
5) Wait for Amata to speak to you.

There will be a message popup telling what to do when you
pass the speech check.

The two companion quests for Amata are as follows:

Quest 1: Like I Said!
- To prove that accompanying you into the Wasteland, you should take Amata to see some remarkable settlements and locations in the Wasteland. You will need to have escaped Raven Rock to complete this quest.
1. Megaton (speak to her in the Plaza)
2. Vault 108 (enter the vault and turn left from the lobby. She should comment on the vault's chaos)
3. Raven Rock (Need to have escaped Raven Rock). Talk to Amata near the entrance.
4. Paradise Falls. (Talk to Amata in the Plaza)

Quest 2: Aren't You A Tough Lady?
You can improve her skills in this quest. To do so you must talk to a few folks and visit Dunwitch building:

1. Talk to Shrapnel to teach Amata how to tinker with weapons (increased Crit Chance)
2. Talk to Crazy Wolfgang to teach Amata barter skills (reduces barter prices by 10%)
3. Take Amata to Dunwitch Building (Increased Confidence. You must take her to the lowest level, to the ominous obelisk)
4. Talk to Paladin Gunny to teach Amata combat skills (Tag Energy Weapons for her, increased Health)

Once you complete both quests, next time you speak to Amata she gives you a special gift! (eek!)

(Talk to her if and when you spare Colonel Autumn!)


None, but I highly recommend FOMM.


1. Extract the files from the archive.
2. Copy files to (install folder)\Fallout 3\Data\
3. Start FOMM and place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).


Delete FollowerAmata.esp, any optional related .esps and Follower Amata voice files.

To solve conflicts load this mod after any suspected conflicters. (Yes, that's a word)

Latest version collides with any mod which alters Amatas from Trouble on the Homefront
and Escape! Example being Project Beauty.

This version works with Alternate Start mods, but obviously
you won't be able to use this mod's resources unless
you feel like cheating and use console commands.


None at the moment.



- Fixed Trouble on the Homefront recruitment.
- Fixed follower count being set to 1 when recruiting in Escape!
If you experience not being able to recruit vanilla followers after recruiting Amata during Escape!, use this console command:

set Followers.PlayerHasFollower to 0

- Added more dialogue for Amata.
- Attempts on bug fixing.
- Removing unused stuff.

- Added two new companion quests
- Amata now comments if you spare Colonel Autumn in Take it Back!
- Refurbished her dialogues a bit.

- Looked into alleged "multiple Amatas" bug when spawning her manually.
- Added message notifiers for her quests.
- You can now set her a home marker, where she will go when fired.
- You can now tell her to be more or less aggressive.


Ask in the comments section, send me PM or PM me in BGSF forum.
My username there is "Pistolero".


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.
Thanks to Odette Yustman for voicing Amata
Thanks to me for making this mod
Thanks to Rahaney for excellent feedback and help
Thanks to ZuluFoxtrot for helping me out when I was a modding noob*

*Well, I still am but...

Tools Used:

TES Construction Set
Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.
You may translate this to a different language and release it after asking for a permission (which is usually a "yes")
Same goes for personal tweaking if it's released. I have nothing against tweaking the mod for personal use.
And no, you may not upload this file on another website let alone claim you did it.