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his utility allows you to transfer your character\'s face to and from a Fallout/Oblivion save or a FG file (Facegen Modeller\'s file format).

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Simply install the utility. You will get an icon on the desktop and in the start menu. When you run the application you'll get a choice of choosing the input and output files.

The input file is the file you wish to transfer from and the output file is the file you wish to transfer your face to.

If you are transferring to a save file then one must already exist (I can't create one from scratch). The utility will automatically create a back-up of the save file in case anything goes wrong called .bak. You can create a new fg from scratch but you can overwrite an existing one if you wish to.

I haven't added any racial adjustments yet. In Fallout/Oblivion each race modifies the facegen sliders. So a save file from an Imperial will look different if loaded into a Redguard save. There are also differences between the base head shape between the different games, so a transferred head from Oblivion to Fallout or vice versa will never look exactly the same.