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The real deal, enhanced for use with FO3.

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I mixed these sounds from the original Fallout 2 samples, enhancing them with the current FO3 sound at what I feel is just the right volume levels. I think you will agree.

This is for the old school gamers out there. I originally made this for my own use with my own (not publicly released) overhaul of the M72 Gauss Rifle (my favorite weapon from any game), but I know that many of you would enjoy this, so here you go.

Requires Operation Anchorage to use in-game (but not to listen to :) :) :).

Permission is granted to other modders to use this in your own mods as long as proper credit is given.

Thanks to Black Isle for creating the original sounds.

Thanks to Bethesda for feeding my addiction again -- even if you did commit blasphemy with your own version of the M72 Gauss Rifle. I forgive you (because I could create the real thing for myself with your tools). ;)


By request I have uploaded the untouched original Gauss sounds from FO2. These have only been converted from the ACM format to WAV.


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1.1 Loading sound and Readme added.


1.0 Initial Release