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Ever notice that the plasma rifle's chamber windows are always dark?

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Author: MadCat221 ([email protected]mail.com)

Version: 2.0
April 11, 2015


Those portholes on the side of plasma rifles... why are they even there?  We can't see down in them.  This mod changes that, so you can see the green glow of the plasma arc inside the chamber.

What this mod does in detail:

* It caps a see-thru hole in the front of the gun behind the glass muzzle piece
* It puts an actual inlet from the MF cell (previously it just went straight into a metal plate)
* It fixes the texture on the glass muzzle (there was an improperly placed tex set override)
* It fixes the alpha blending/sorting issues between the glass muzzle piece and the plasma filament so the filament appears at all angles


1) Copy the enclosed ESPs and Meshes and Textures folders to your Fallout 3/Data folder.
2) Open your favorite mod manager.
3) Activate "PlasmaRifleAwesomefied.esp" or "PlasmaRifleAwesomefiedWMK.esp" if you have Weapon Mod Kits installed.


1.00:  Initial Release.

1.01: Fixed bad TanSpace data on two mesh pieces.

1.02: Did some more TanSpace fixing, this time focusing around the back endcap of the plasma chamber.

1.03: Added new draw and holster SFXes.

1.1: More mesh fixes.  Sound effect for plasma projectiles also now available, plasma projectiles now make crackling sound as they whiz past you.  Plasma projectiles and muzzle flashes now also altered, they now have brightness, color, and alpha transparency changes.  WMK alteration now available to put sound effect changes in.  fixed WMK mesh also packed in.

v2.0: Overhaul after so many years.  The chamber ports have been copied over from FONV's version, and now also sport some bleed-over of the glow into the inner sides of the port holes.