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Allows Ranger Battle Helmet to use its own texture instead of the Combat Helmet texture.

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Ranger Helmet Texture Unlocker
by aiglos357

In FO3 the Ranger Battle Helmet has its own texture in the .BSA, but for some reason it uses the Combat Helmet texture. This mod simply allows the Ranger Helmet to use it's own texture (a little more green than the Combat Helmet).
The important thing is it lets modders change the Ranger Helmet texture without changing every Combat Helmet in the game.

I've also supplied a couple of optional textures you may want to try, as the difference between the Ranger and Combat helmets is minimal. Of course you may want to use your own texture, which is the main idea behind this mod.

1). If you haven't already, open the Fallout.ini file located in My Documents/My Games/Fallout3 and change the line bInvalidateOlderFiles=0 to bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 and save.
2). Extract RangerHelmet.esp to your Fallout 3/Data folder
3). (Optional) To use other texture, extract Texture folder into Fallout3/Data folder.
If not using ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated, copy the ArchiveInvalidaion.txt into your Fallout 3 folder, or copy the line textures/armor/headgear/rangerarmorhelmet.dds into your ArchiveInvalidation.txt and save.
3). Check the RangerHelmet.esp in FOMM or in the Fallout 3 Launcher/Data menu.
4). Launch the game.

Remove RangerHelmet.esp from Data, rangerarmorhelmet.dds from textures/armor/headgear and the line textures/armor/headgear/rangerarmorhelmet.dds from ArchiveInvalidation.txt.

Feel free to use these files in your own mods (that's what it's for) just give credit. If you do use any of this a PM would be nice so I can check out your work

==Item ID==
The Ranger Battle Helmet ID is 00034105
Combat Helmet is 00020426

Please do not judge my textures too harshly, they're really just for testing and I don't claim to be an artist of any kind.
Let me know about any problems, this is my first released mod and I'll do my best to fix any bugs.