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An addon to the Citadel that adds more guards and defenses to the HQ of the Brotherhood of Steel.

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A pretty straight forward cosmetic mod that adds new external guards and outer defenses to the Citadel which makes the place feel like an actual, well guarded base.

I added sandbag walls, watch towers and earth defenses, plus a couple new Brotherhood guards and sentry bots/turrets. There is also a guard tent and bed that you can sleep in. While this alters the area around the Pentagon there should be no major issues with NPC pathing (trade caravans or companions) or with the Main Quest. The gate area is left mostly clear for this reason. This only affects the outside, nothing is changed within.

I plan to tweak this some more and fix any issues that come up.

Conflicts should only occur with any mods that alter the outside of the Citadel.

Install: drop the .esp into the Fallout3\Data folder and tick the box in the quick launch window.

Any issues contact me, sugarape, on Fallout3nexus or leave a comment.

Have fun!

Update: Replaced buggy guards and with patrolling BOS troops near the main gate/north face of the citadel, added minefield to the south and numerous other tweaks.

Added more defenses and a new minefield to the north as well as removed the annoying hostile sentry bot so that problem is fixed.