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This mod adds an outcast called Nitro that you can have as a follower.

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Outcast Companion v1.2

This mod adds an outcast called Nitro that you can have as a follower.
Nitro wanders outside the outcast base Fort Independence.

You can enlist his assistance to procure technology,
if you are allied with the outcasts.

That means you need to turn in enough technology to
their leader Casdin until he trusts you
before you can hire this follower.

Nitro carries a flamer with unlimited ammo.
He is a tad overpowered with his weapon, but so is Fawkes,
and you won't get him completely for free.

You can remove the flamer from the tactics menu
if you want to give him a more modest weapon.

Nitro's tag skills are Big Guns,Energy Weapons and Melee Weapons.

He does not talk much but he's handy in a fire fight. ;)

* * *


Nitro has most of the options all my other companions have,
that means:

* All dialogue has sound with lip-sync.
* No karma check or follower count limit.
* Essential flag can be turned on or off.
* Unlimited weapon can be removed/added.
* Autoheals after combat.
* Set home, go home and rest.
* Plus all the options that standard followers have.

News in v1.2:

Nitro will now follow you into most house-mods immediately,
and also into some places followers can't normally enter like the OA-bunker.
He will auto fire himself if you enter Vault87 during the MQ,
He will still get stuck inside the Oasis door but will join you the next time you enter any interior.

News in v1.1:

* Added option to choose whether he always walk armed or
with his weapon holstered, look under the combat style menu.
* Changed his class to a custom class, now his tag skills are
Big Guns,Energy Weapons and Melee Weapons.

Info to modders - What is changed:

Nothing, everything in this mod is just added.
The NPC is placed in the cell FortIndependenceExterior.

I made this mod because I think followers with flamers are cool,
and because I'd like to see more mods that extends the outcast faction.
I don't have the time or energy to get involved in such a project myself,
but there is a lot of untapped potential in the outcast story.
If anyone is working on a mod with the outcasts and
would like to use/change this follower to fit into that,
you have my blessing to do whatever you want with it.

* * *

To install:
Simply unpack the zip-file in your game folder.

To uninstall:
delete outcast_comp.esp
and all voice files in <game folder>\Data\sound\Voice\outcast_comp.esp<br><br>-------------<br><br>Legal:<br><br>You don't have to ask permission to release your own modifications based on this, but do give proper credit where it is deserved. Drop me a message if you like anyway, it's fun to know where this is beeing used. </game>