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######### FELLOUT 1.23 ###########

200 years since the bombs fell and somehow everything is tinted green? Things in Fallout and
Fallout2 weren't green.

Fellout changes all that, giving a harsh world more reminiscent of the Sahara Desert or the Mad Max/
Road Warrior movies though due to popular demand (and if Enhanced Weather is installed) some areas
will have rain.

Fellout also neutralises indoor lighting, removes green fogging and also water has been changed in
most places. This is a l ittle experimental for the time being, but still quite a lot better than
glowy green clouds of fog.

Some purists may love it, some may hate it, but most people should get a kick out of the overhauled
weather systems. If Fellout feels like a mod, then it's failed. If it feels like how the game
should have been, it's succeeded.

Caution: If GfWL is managing your DLCs, Fellout's add-ons
for them cannot work and will cause instability. Please use FOMM for your DLCs! Please use FOMM anyway!

Fellout includes Atmospheric Sun Glare by LadyDeadlock, used with permission.

### Mods designed to work with Fellout ####

Realistic Interior Lighting darkens indoors by reducing ambient. If you use this, load it above Fellout in the load order (I'm not sure if this also kills the green tinting).

Megaton Lighting Overhaul was made to work with Fellout and works very well. Have this mod lower in
the loading order than Fellout.

Fallout Street Lights by SpeedyB64 and RW2112 adds light effects to many illuminated objects in the
DC ruins. In my opinion, this is how the game should have been.

Willemjd gives us Fallout Street Lights - Wasteland, which adds lighting to many areas in the
wasteland which you'd expect to have lighting, such as Canterbury Commons and Paradise Falls.