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Mojave's sending their best! presenting, La Longue Carabine.

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I noticed that La Longue Carabine was based on the Lincoln's Repeater, so I wondered if I could bring it into FO3. turns out you can! mostly. It'll use the Lincoln's repeater animation but it works wonderful and it brings a new Rifle (that is scoped!) to FO3's poor selection of firearms. It uses .32 Caliber Ammo

3 Flavors to choose from

Ol' Painless replacer: Replaces the Ol' painless with La Longue Carabine but keeps Ol' painless stats (The scope works)

Non replacer, Original Fire speed: Same stats as New Vegas (the fire speed makes it look really silly while firing without aiming)

Non Replacer, Sensible Fire Speed: Same stats as New Vegas but slower fire rate that doesn't feel silly (still fires faster than the Lincoln repeater or the hunting rifle!)

Regardless of what .esp you choose to use (don't combine them!) there be another 2 variants for your disposal: one using the same stats as the hunting rifle and another using the stats of the Lincoln repeater (uses .44 magnum too!)

You'll find La Longue Carabine (with the less powerful variant too) at Springvale's Kid playground Slide And the .44 magnum variant beside the Lincoln's Repeater on a steel Table 

Probably needs script extender?  I didn't test without it. 

INSTALLATION: Copy the contents of "FO3 LA longue Carabine" into your Data Folder and activate your preferred .esp

Any errors, mistakes, Questions or Suggestions I'm open to hear! :D