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Simple settings of a few lines in the game's ini-files that make grass and bushes to appear smoothly. The issue with low draw distance for bushes is solved and grass will fade in/out without pops.

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It may seem to you that there are still small twitches in the tweaked version at 1080p, but this is due to video compression artifacts on YouTube. Please watch  the video in 4K even if you have 1080p display.

--- V 1.0.1 brief ---
There was a non-critical mistake in version 1.0
It was indicated that the line  bForceFullLOD is located in  [LOD] section. This is wrong because  bForceFullLOD is actually placed in  [SpeedTree] with default value "0".

Those users who did not find this parameter in [LOD] section and inserted it there with tweaked value “1” will not be able to see any changes,
because this parameter has already received a default value “0” above in [SpeedTree] section.

Experienced users, of course, found this parameter in  [SpeedTree] and set the value to  "1" , and I got the comment about it. In this case you do not need to change anything.

The corrected file has been posted and the description below has been updated. You can also see the result of  bForceFullLOD=1 at the second video.

Find the [GRASS] section in the files Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini.
You should see a default values (all visual settings of the game set to the maximum possible level, clean vanilla. If you do not have some of these lines - add them to both files.)

Fixing the popping of grass.

Default values

Tweaked values


Fixing the popping of bushes (they're trees btw).

[LOD] section

Default value
fLODMultTrees=0.5000 (Bushes do popping-up)

Tweaked value
fLODMultTrees=1.0000 (Bushes stop popping-up)

[SpeedTree] section (optional)

Default value
bForceFullLOD=0 (Bushes do not pop-up, but some of them quickly switch the lod geometry when near/far, it's quite noticeable)

Tweaked value
bForceFullLOD=1 (The bushes and other "tree" based objects are loaded in the full model and do not change geometry when near/far