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Animates marquee! Weather related Animations!

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This mod was added to Fallout 3 Thanks in large part to the modder streetyson !
This is an espless mod for fallout 3 , so install at no distress and enjoy the addition . This has no requirements. have fun :) 

This mod targets the 3 variants of this asset - the interior, exterior and full detail model -

for the interior model I removed a "sky dome" as it appeared to be useless . 

This model has many usages across the DLCS - especially Point lookout - 

streetyson description
Type 1 of the mod is more animated (tent walls nicely billow in & out) but you'll get a little clipping of one or two items at a few tents.
Type 2 is more subtlely animated with nice yet less obvious movement - but you'll probably avoid any clipping at all.

streetyson - Spoiler below relating to Point lookout - 
pointed out that marcellas tents blood decals in Point lookout will clip with this animations interior model - you could remove the interior model - wastelandmarquee01int.nif - and use base . 

Graphics and videos are taken In Fallout New vegas to save time - enjoy the mod as it works perfectly in fallout 3. 

if you want to be helpful , this mod could do with a fallout 3 showcase and some images if you want to get them! - add the video in the comments section and I will imbed into the mod page. I have left the images open on this mod, so you can upload without verification !

Thanks to MrWasteland for adding 5 Fallout 3 images 


I really wanted these to have exciting animations - so they are very noticeable and impactful, but unfortunately in the base game a lot of assets are placed pretty much  right up against the tent walls, which causes clipping even for the base game model. so in optional files I have left a ESP which moves some stuff around in the Mormon fort to completely removing clipping . 

Manual installation

The mod files are setup so that the "data/" folder is the root. so just drag and drop that into the folder containing your fallout new Vegas executable  and then activate the ESP in "data files", archive invalidate, and the modification should be in your game

Mod manager installation

The mod files are structured correctly, so you are good to install with your mod manager.

Will work with every mod.



Nexus mods
obsidian/bethesda - 
Blender nif extentsion
Geck extender
streetyson - playtesting
MrWasteland - Media