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An improvement of vanilla creature textures.

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This is a Fallout 3 version of my New Vegas mod Creatures HD. I have only included screenshots of new creatures unique for Fallout 3 on this page. If you want to see screenshots of creatures that Fallout 3 and New Vegas share, go to the New Vegas mod page.
This mod improves textures of most creatures in game. The textures have been upscaled by a powerful AI, and I made some manual modifications where i felt they would be needed. Overall this mod should be a very fine base overhaul if you're looking for vanilla-plus experience. There are tow versions of this mod, once contains mostly 4096x4096 textures, while the smaller pack is no bigger than 2048x2048. Both versions should be a visible upgrade over vanilla.
Always remember to have lStewieAl Tweaks installed if you want to have a stable game with HD textures installed.

This mod covers:
-All kinds of giant ants and queens
-All kinds of mirelurks and swamplurks
-Radscorpion and Albino Scorpion
-Yao Guai
-Point Lookout swampfolk