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This mod changes some perks which were pointlessly gendered, in order to make the game a bit more inclusive.

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Fallout 3 came out in 2008, and let's be honest, it was very much a product of its time. Some of the content in it would not fly if it were released today. (and some of it shouldn't have flown when it was released in 2008 - like, enslaving people for money? Really?)

Anyway, this is a simple little mod which tries to make things a bit more inclusive for us modern audiences by removing some of the perks which were pointlessly gendered. While I am unable to remove the choice of sex entirely, as it's beyond my knowledge to do so, I can make things a little more comfy for you by making it so that you can now RP as a feminine guy, masculine girl, non-binary person, etc. without having to have your immersion broken every time you enter the perk screen.

The changed perks are as follows:

Action Boy/Action Girl - Edited to become one gender-neutral perk, "Action Adept."
Black Widow/Lady Killer - edited to be selectable regardless of gender. You can even pick both!
Daddy's Boy/Daddy's Girl - edited to become one gender-neutral perk, "Child of Science."
Mister Sandman - arguably I could've left this one alone because the game considers it "gender-neutral" already, but just in case I've changed it to "Forever Sleep," because it's not just men who can brutally stab people to death in their sleep, lol!
Party Boy/Girl (Broken Steel) - edited to become one gender neutral perk, "Party Hard." Description slightly reworded to compensate.

New Vegas version available here: