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About this mod

New non-skimpy jumpsuit models based on T6M Equipment Replacer mod by Izumiko. Except for vault jumpsuits.

Permissions and credits

T6M = based on Type 6 Modification Body by Izumiko 
BNB = supports Bouncing Natural Breasts (BNB) animations and skeletons by thaumx 
BB = Bigger Breasts 
SB = Smaller Breasts 

E.g., T6M BNB Skimpy Red Racer Jumpsuit SB

What does this mod do? 

Replaces all T6M jumpsuits by Izumiko with enhanced models. Except for vault jumpsuits. Comes with two different breast sizes. One is bigger and the other is smaller. Supports BNB animations. 


- Some of the original T6M Jumpsuit models are skimpy outfits. I changed them to be non-skimpy versions by combining vanilla outfit mesh and T6M outfit mesh
- Uses the same dismemberment positions as those of the original T6M jumpsuits models. 
- Slightly better models than the origianl T6M jumpsuit models. 
- Natural-looking jumpsuit models with suspenders. 


How to install? Please follow one of the links below: 
T6M BNB Body in Vanilla Underwear (non-nude and non-skimpy) or T6M BNB Body Expanded with more options (nude or skimpy) 


Q) I see weird black textures on my character's body. What should I do?

Q) My character's breasts seem to stretch to infinity. What should I do?

Permission Guidelines 
Feel free to use this as a mod resource. But please don't forget to credit Izumiko, thaumx, and others. And please don't upload this mod to other websites unless otherwise stated.

All credits should go to the authors & developers listed as below
Izumiko for T6M body and armor replacers, 
dimon99 and TheRowan for Dimonized Type 3 female body replacer, 
Necroscope for Type 6 body and armor replacers, 
thaumx for BnB tutorial (pdf), animations, and skeletons, 
nicman23 for porting thaumx's Fallout New Vegas BNB mod to Fallout 3, 
Blender and related scripts developers, 
Nifskope developers, 
and FOMOD Creation Tool developers.