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Replace the equipment you T6M Body of Vanilla

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Name: T6M Equipment Replacer
Version: 1.0
Date: 2013/1/31
by Izumiko

------------------- [Description] -----------------------
Replace the equipment to T6M Body of Vanilla

Merged the other T6MReplaceMOD, MOD the following integration
· Type6 Combat Armor
· T6M Female Power Armor Replace
· Type 6 Modification Body

---- Caution! ----
Please install v1.0 first uninstall the previous version.

Changes in v1.0
· The master file into T6M Equipment Replacer.esp.
• In order to be able to fix the gap on the wrist with a weapon of some equipment and hand2hand, add the corresponding Mesh T6M
· Equipment was fixed arm is not visible in the first-person point of view
· Change, and an inventory of the NPC levellist in order to route the types of clothes increase
· Please be introduced to remove the plug-in it became more esm v1.0, the old file.
• Change the system-see-through outfits Radiation Suitt, add effects of underwater breathing
• Change to see through the space suit of ZETA, add effects and underwater breathing into a separate body and helmet
• Addition of two types of variation in Jumpsuit
· Separate the helmet and into the body of the Chinese Stealth Armor, helmet visor are in permeable.

Requirements: Fallout New Vegas
-I put a Option plugin to the emergence of NewVegas Equipment
have been toying since the levellist, NPC after the introduction of a variety of equipment will be
? This option is not available and I do not want to work on your own porting resources from NewVegas
? Please read the introduction of a separate method (only Japanese commentary)

Known Bugs
Equipment and Systems Radiation Suitt arms would disappear during the first-person perspective.
· T6M Chinese Stealth Helmet is equipped with face and penetrating men.

---------- Replace equipment list that is ----------

Power Armor
· Power Armor (T-45 BoS decal)
· Power Armor (T-45 lyons decal)
· Power Armor (T-45 Army decal)
· Outcast Power Armor
· Enclave Power Armor
· Tesla Armor
· T-51b Power Armor

Combat Armor
· CombatArmor
· Ranger Battle Armor
· Rivet City Security Uniform
· Talon Combat Armor
· Tenpenny Security Uniform

· VaultJumpsuit
· Dad's Wasteland Outfit
· Vault Utility Jumpsuit
· Armored Vault Jumpsuit
· Vault 101 Security Armor

Light equipment and clothes
· Leather Armor

· Raider Painspike Armor
· Raider Sadist Armor
· Raider Badlands Armor
· Raider Blastmaster Armor

· Merc Charmer Outfit
· Merc Adventurer Outfit
· Merc Grunt Outfit

· Wasteland Doctor Fatigues
· Radiation Suitt
· Advanced Radiation Suitt
· Enclave Scientist Outfit

· Jump Suit (Robco, handyman, Red Racer)
· Sexy Sleepwear
· Naughty Nightwear

The item to be added
- Notes -
MODID will change due to the integration, please purchase the following items newly obtained in the old Version disappear because

Light equipment and clothes
· T6 Light Combat
· T6 Light Ranger
· T6 Light Rivet City
· T6 Light Talon
· T6 Light Tenpenny
ArmProtector for pipboy3000 * 4-color
· JumpSuit TypeB (Robco, handyman, Red Racer)
· JumpSuit TypeC (Robco, handyman, Red Racer)

Suits for women
T6M Dapper Suit
T6M Fancy Suit
T6M Shabby Suit
T6M Well-Heeled Suit

T6M Underwear Cotton
T6M Underwear DC
T6M Underwear WL
T6M Lingerie Black
T6M Lingerie White
T6M Lingerie Garter Bk
T6M Lingerie Garter W

Vender List
· Megaton
Moira Brown of the crater side
· RivetCity
Bannon of RivetCity market

--------- For DLC addon -----------
Please add the override to Replace the equipment to be added in the DLC, the data folder in the Folder Option

DLC Anchorage
· Winterized T-51b Power Armor
· Chinese Stealth Armor [buy from Moira Brown]
· T6M Chinese Stealth Armor [buy from Moira Brown]
· T6M Chinese Stealth Helmet [buy from Moira Brown]

DLC The Pitt
· Ashur's Power Armor

· Spacesuit
· T6M Spacesuit [buy from Moira Brown]
· T6M Spacesuit Helmet [buy from Moira Brown]

--------- For Unofficial_Fallout_3_Patch -----------
Please also introduced here is the person who has introduced a Unofficial_Fallout_3_Patch
Conflict with UF3 you are modifying and adding a collar to Tesla Enclave, and I put a mesh plugin to avoid conflicts
The workaround is to specify an additional add-on armor for women as a dummy collar Mesh
Mesh is enclosed in Core data file has been

------------------- [Requirements] -----------------------
I need Texture skin that is compatible with it or for Type3

Plug-in is required for DLC Anchorage, Pitt, Broken Steal, is ZETA

------------------- [Install] -----------------------
Choose only what you need to archive in the package, please do BAIN introduced in FOMM.

---- Caution! ----
Please install v1.0 first uninstall the previous version.

------------------- [Credit] ------------------------
Base Body MOD
Type 6 Modification Body NV by Izumiko

DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99 TheRowan
Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope
R18PN 02 - Lingerie Set for HGEC by NPR

------------------- [Licensing / Legal] -------------
I am glad, please freely modified, and when you write the credit diverted.
I would like to thank all moder Bezesuda and made a great game
Please refrain from reproduction to other things, such as the file uploader of this MOD

If you want to translate the plugin into a language other than English, I thank you and ask them to publish freely changed.
After it is published, so instead, please tell me your address and a public report.

------------------- [Change History] ------------------------
2012/02/28 v0.6Initial release
2013/01/31 v1.0