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This mod includes a new vault added to the wasteland south of Tenpenny Tower and a short quest to go along with it. It is cannon friendly.

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Welcome to Vault 74!

"You have been chosen to be a participant in our new start of the art technology advancement program here at Vault-Tec. You among three other participants will be living in Vault 74 for the next twelve months. During your stay here you will be receiving advanced technologies and software that Vault-Tec needs a closed study to be performed with. The first week will be a relaxing period of getting you used to vault life. The following weeks will be for brief studies and experimentation with Rob-Co and Vault-Tec technologies. Most of the work you will be doing for the project will be part of our NDA (non-disclosure agreement) requiring that all communication be made using designated Vault-Tec communications technologies that will be monitored 24/7. Within the first month we expect to receive all of the partnered technologies and the vault will be sealed until January of 2078. All necessary accommodations will be provided and there will be plenty of time for entertainment and activities. The diner will be prepared to handle visits from many business associates during the first month of testing and after the vault is opened for larger domains. If you have any questions, please direct them to the human resources division of Vault-Tec as soon as possible."

Located just south of Tenpenny Tower the vault is rumored to have contained a small stash of the luxurious apartments' ancient fortune.

Explore and find out about the mysterious nature of Vault 74.

BEWARE the area has had recent reports of ghoul AND raider activity.