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At last, a beautiful solution to the horrific Distant LOD in Fallout 3: Fog of the Apocalypse, providing both an aesthetically pleasing and lore friendly screen of fog to the Capital Wasteland. From distant mists to a sun-blotting layer of smog, Fog of the Apocalypse 2.0 is now offered in 5 different versions for you to choose from!

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Fog of the Apocalypse

Have you ever blown up Megaton? We all have at least once by now... Ever revisited the Megaton ruins upon detonation of this towns atomic bomb and notice how this foggy new atmosphere sets a real eerie apocalyptic feel? Well this mod takes those same exact weather fog values and brings it to the whole Capital Wasteland (not just after you have blown up Megaton). In addition to Fog of the Apocalypse, I strongly suggest downloading The IMAGINATOR and among its other great visual features, utilizing the included "Depth of Field" function to really filter out the distant LOD. DC Moods is another great visual mod which replaces the sun and sky as well as overhauls the ambient lighting. No need for shaky ENB's in combination with these great mods! Before choosing a version of Fog of the Apocalypse, please read the “Choosing a Version” section first!

Choosing a Version
Under the Files tab, the first choice,  "Fog of the Apocalypse" was what it all started with. Fog which reaches the sky, leaving the sun blotted out. Casting a truly bleak, yet beautiful, apocalyptic feeling. The versions below this are toned down variants in order from "Lite" all the way up to "Normal-Heavy. The Normal version has the best overall balance of fog, covering up LOD without hindering long distance visibility.

Install automatically and activate or for manual downloads; unzip archive and place the Fog of the Apocalypse ESP into your Fallout 3 Data folder. Upon placing the ESP, launch the Fallout Launcher, click Data Files, locate and verify that the Fog of The Apocalypse ESP is ticked (activated).