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This mod turns some of the intercoms of the game into video intercoms with a lip sync animation. Read the description and watch the video.

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This mod turns some of the intercoms of the game into video intercoms with a lip sync animation. Watch the video below for more details.


JEFFERSON MEMORIAL: These intercoms are used by James during the mission "The Waters of Life". The race of James in the intercom screen will match the race of James in your game. Only the original races are supported: African American Old, Asian Old, Caucasian Old and Hispanic Old.

TENPENNY TOWER: This intercom is used by Chief gustavo and a Tenpenny Tower guard I chose randomly. The face on the intercom will vary depending if Chief Gustavo or the guard is talking. If ghouls take Tenpenny Tower, the intercom will stop working as usual.

RIVET CITY: This intercom is used by a Rivet City guard I chose randomly.

POINT LOOKOUT CATHEDRAL: This intercom is used by Jimson during the quest "Walking with Spirits".

CALVERT MANSION: This intercom is in a room of the second floor of Calvert Mansion and is used by Desmond during the defense of Calvert Mansion. 

GNR: This intercom is used by a brotherhood of Steel member inside GNR. Since the user has a helmet is the only intercom without talking animation.


Added an English Translation as optional file courtesy of pixelhate. Install first main file and then install optional file.


This mod will not affect the language of the voices. The NPcs talking through the intercoms will use the audio and lip files in the language of your Fallout 3 installation. But, since my Fallout 3 is in Spanish, it will change some labels to Spanish. You can fix this in FO3edit.

The intercoms will display the faces of the NPCs talking through them even if they are activated by others NPCs, but they will only display the talking animation only when the player activates them.


Extract in your Fallout 3 data folder.


DLC Broken Steel
DLC Point Lookout


So far there are no mods that affects the intercoms I replaced.


Bethesda and Nexus Community
and pixelhate for his excellents Animation Tutorials