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Complete overhaul of interior environments.

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RADiant Light Overhaul

This mod completely overhauls the interior lighting system and ambience. Not only does it darken the interiors, but it also removes all interior fog and changes each individual lighting source to be more natural in color and not so overblown.

  • This mod covers EVERY interior in the GOTY edition from the base game to Mothership Zeta. Not a single interior's lighting scheme has been missed (like some other lighting mods out there..... just sayin'). 
  • This mod also alters the appearance of EVERY light source in the game to make them more natural in color. Say goodbye to weird, unnatural colored lights or super overblown lights that blind your eyeballs. Them lights in this mod right here are nat-ur-al!! I used real world lighting colors to substitute the vanilla ones. Fires will have the color of actual fire. Light bulbs will produce the real world color of an actual light bulb.
  • NEW IN v1.1: This mod removes the overexaggerated glow effects tied to light sources that end up just making these strange looking magical orbs that hover in the air.  

But no worries; I was very diligent in trying to conserve the developers' original vision for Fallout 3. I just made it better (probably... or at least I think so anyways).

Some areas are greatly affected and some areas are only subtly touched-up. But, I guarantee you a great new Fallout experience or your endorsement back!!!

There are no scripts, just individual edits to each interior cell and each lighting source to mod the ambience and color. Then the mod was cleaned with FO3Edit.

Incompatibilities include any mod that alters interior lighting such as Realistic Interior Lighting or any mod that removes the interior fog such as Interior Fog Remover.

I have made some edits to the Pip-Boy light to make it more useful. I have extended the range of it, but unlike SmoothLight - Pip-Boy Light Enhancer, I kept the original green glow that is given off by it. After all... a bright green screen should give off a GREEN light. If you do prefer SmoothLight though, then just load it after RADiant Light Overhaul so that it will take precedence. 

All pictures seen on the picture tab have been taken with my personal ReShade setting. I think it's a pretty bangin' ReShade so I'll upload the settings as an optional file (it was built to be used with Fallout 3 Realistic Wasteland Lighting but I'm sure you could use the ReShade with any other exterior/world lighting mod. I just think that FO3RWL is the best world lighting mod available. You can use Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow v2 Hotfix in conjunction with it so that you can bless the rains down in the Capital Wasteland.

Make sure you load RADiant Light Overhaul last in your load order. This way any mod that alters interiors won't override this mod's lighting.