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Realistic weather and lighting conditions mod for Fallout 3

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FO3 Realistic Wasteland Lighting & Weather is non-ENB overhaul that changes the appearance of Fallout 3's exterior lighting conditions. It's the same Fallout people have come to love, but enhanced with weather and lighting designed to mimic those of real life, instead of the surface of Venus as the original game seemed to. Weather types have also been changed to no longer be "location specific" as they were in the vanilla game. There's just as much chance of a bright sunny day in DC as everywhere else, for example, and now you don't have to be in the mountains for it to be overcast.

FO3 RWL comes in two exciting flavours, FO3 Only and the GOTY edition, all in one archive. The GOTY edition brings more true to life weather conditions to the DLCs as well as the main game world. The Pitt has an appearance similar to a bad smog day in Beijing, Point Lookout keeps its foggy aesthetic while still moving towards realism based lighting conditions.

I do not know if NMM will cause problems with this mod as it does with FNV RWL; I recommend manual installation. The file includes two .esps, "FO3 Realistic Wasteland Lighting" and "FO3 RWL GOTY." You'll only need one of them.

1. Download the file
2. Drag contents into your Fallout 3 install directory
2. Launch FalloutLauncher.exe or your mod manager
3. Tick the boxes of the .esp files from the mod that you want to use

To uninstall, delete the esp files, and delete the Fallout 3/Data/Textures/fo3rwl folder. When updating, please follow the uninstall instructions before installing the new version.

The FO3 Only version requires FO3 Only. The GOTY edition requires the DLCs The Pitt, Point Lookout, and Broken Steel. This mod was made with FO3 version 1.7.03, the last update released for the PC version of the game.

Updates & Requests
I will keep this mod as up to date as possible, and respond to error reports as well. However, I will likely not respond to requests for additional content/versions of the mod for the foreseeable future. As much as I'd like to, too many external obligations on my time already exist, and I'd hate to promise something I could not deliver on.

None known at this time

Sal203 - mod author

The cloud textures are from www.cepolina.com, a free to use stock photo site that requires only acknowledgement for the use of its photos. If you use the cloud textures from this mod, you must credit www.cepolina.com as per their guidelines.

Use whatever you want, just credit me and send me a link to the mod you make.