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A 30+ Page Guide in PDF form, for putting together a mod build which you can then build upon. All mods are from Nexus and include hyperlinks for each mod, to allow for as easy a work flow as possible. It is highly recommended that you have Fallout 3 running stable prior to downloading this guide. Read the description below before moving forward.

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Ultimate Fallout 3 (DIY) Mod Build with Detailed Guide
Update 09/24/2022; 
Please do not hesitate to leave a comment on the Sticky Post for myself and others if you notice any mods which have been made private or if you happen to find any broken Nexus mod links in the guide.

So What is this?

Well first off this is NOT a download-and-play mod pack.  It is simply a 30+ page Guide on modding Fallout 3, including a mod list of my personal game, that comes with instructions to put together for yourself. This is mainly aimed towards people who are new to modding and I STRONGLY suggest using Vortex to handle mod organizing, mainly because that is how it was put together and what the instructions have been tailored to.  Every mod listed has a working hyperlink for easy navigation and the saving of time (so you won’t have to spend time google searching every mod). Although nothing will stop you from picking and choosing which mods to use from the list, you will need all DLC to put the complete build together, consisting of around 130 mods.  I have extensively tested this build (as it is what I'm playing after all) and have found no game breaking conflicts with this build or really any experience of crashing.  It is highly recommended that you have Fallout 3 running stable prior to downloading this guide. Take note that I use a GoG copy of the game and I can't stress enough how much easier of a time you will have over running and modding a Steam copy as this is not a troubleshoot guide. (I played the Steam version for 5 years before switching and putting this build together). To further this, with the Steam release of Fallout 3 version 1.7.04 late 2021, there are more loops to jump through in order to mod the game. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just saying it can be done with less hassle. In most cases, the GoG copy will run right out of the box on Windows 10 without the need to make any tweaks first. 

What Your Game Will Look Like

What you will need
  1. A copy of Fallout 3 GOTY or All DLC 
  2. A Mod Organizer (Vortex STRONGLY suggested)
  3. The time and patience to read carfully, the devil is in the detail.

Final Words...
Take your time!  Read everything carefully.  I spent a lot of time on this and tried my upmost hardest to make this guide as dummy-proof as possible but obviously things can go wrong and just as a disclaimer: User results MAY vary!  Good luck and feel free to post any questions you may have! Remember to just take your time! Some mod authors delete mods occasionally, while uncommon, keep this in mind while going through this guides mod list.