About this mod

Visually overhauls 95% of all the exterior locations making them seem less empty and more lived in before the bombs dropped and everyone started to panic, this overhaul also works on the raiders making the outposts look more like compounds and increases the number along with two raider bosses, As well as improving the super mutant camps.

Permissions and credits

Hello all and welcome to Fallout 3 Rebirth this adds a new lick of paint to the wasteland which is why i went with the name rebirth because its turning the land into a new, Some of you already understand what this project does but for some of you dont so let me explain, This project overhauls almost all the locations in fallout 3 due to them being empty and seem abit to depopulated with objects it should have along with picking up the slack from Bethesda and worked on the game myself this is all visual and brings abit more depth and immersion to the world i have tried my best to make the world blend and seem like it was always in the vanilla game.

Making empty towns seem like people has busy lives before the bombs dropped, Highways full of vehicles due to panic from the masses that heard about the bombs dropping on the day and raiders that have full control over areas now have better outposts and are more in numbers making it seem like the raiders are apart of the world leading to planning your actions as a lower level player and looking over your shoulder as a high level player, Super mutants that chop up people and set up camp where ever they want and filled with captives for the player to save but be careful since the number of super mutants have also grown in number.

You can find areas that should of been more active a touch more active like Fort Bannister if you manage not to aggro them you can find them training. more outcasts are outside on guard and leaning on walls, At Wilhelm's wharf you can find wastelanders walking around sitting down and all sorts just to make Wilhelm's wharf feel more like people would go to her shop instead of just one trader like in the vanilla game.

Only thing i haven't overhauled is the DC area for a number of reasons one because its a hot zone for mods, Two because of the heavy triggers that ill have to move and Three because the DC Ruins dont really need overhauling to begin with, If enough people want me to take a look at the ruins then ill take a look and make an update for Fallout 3 Rebirth with the ruins overhauled in some way.
After a little break im going to begin another project that will be compatible with Fallout 3 Rebirth called Sea Overhaul Project" Name still pending. which does what the title says ill be overhauling the sea floor and making it more of a reason to explore the depths unlike in vanilla with this and the Fallout 3 Rebirth on i think it will be a great combo, Ill be taking abit of inspiration from fallout 4 and ill be trying to make it with as much immersion as i can like what i did with Fallout 3 Rebirth.

SIDENOTE: Screenshots are not all the locations i have done, Not even half of the locations mainly because i cant really take shots of every location and unmarked location, so i have taken screenshots of afew of the places that im most happy with.

Overhauled Locations

+Raven Rock - (With more of an Army Influence a long with Enclave and More)
+MDPL-05 Power Station - (Adds a small electric building and adds afew more cars parked in the lot along with sparks on coils)
+Satcom Array NW-07C - (More Enclave solders enclave death claw and more detailed enclave stuff, crates and more)
+Abandoned Car Fort - (More Stacked cars, lighting detailing and more)
+Shalebridge - (Added mushrooms/Effects along with mushroom glow and eggs as well as afew more details and more ants outside guarding)
+Broadcast Tower KT8 - (Expands on the super mutants giving them a super mutant camp) 
+Vault 87 - (Overhauls the super mutant camp thats around the entry door of the vault)
+MDPL-16 Power Station - (Adds a car outside to make it feel like a technicians rolled up to check on the station the day the bombs dropped)
+MDPL-21 Power Station - (Adds two technicians cars parked ready for a normal day at work)
+VAPL-58 Power Station - (Adds afew bushes and barrels to give it an overgrown effect along with afew other things)
+MDPL-13 Power Station - (Adds parked cars in lot and a truck filled with office stuff along with the outer building overhauled as well as a fence)
+VAPL-66 Power Station - (Adds clutter to the exterior along with yet another technicians car ready for a hard days work with more stuff like bushes)
+VAPL-84 Power Station - (Adds more of a raider influence as well as adding afew more details, clutter and a power station building) 
+Five Axles Rest Stop - (Adds more tier walls and afew raider walls, along with more bushes and fire barrels)
+Rockbreaker's Last Gas - (Adds more afew more tiers along with afew barrels and an active light and car in the middle of being fixed)
+Everglow National Campground - (Adds more to the super mutant camp as well as another car and afew other things)
+Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal - (Adds army trucks with crates and afew sandbags and lit flood lights.)
+Little Lamplight - (Adds lights to the lights making the entry to the caverns more lit as well as afew parked cars)
+Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast - (Adds more raiders as well as afew fire barrels to light the place along with more shielded walls and a few more details)
+Fordham Flash Memorial Field - (Adds more raiders along with some more benches a raider all and raider look out point as well as alot more)
+Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema - (Adds more cars and afew more creatures to the area as well as rubble)
+Big Town - (Adds better walls and makes them look alot stronger as well as adding fire barrels for lighting and afew flood lights on entry)
+Jury Street Metro Station - (Adds a bin and a potted plant)
+Fort Bannister - (Completely overhauls the area with more sandbags tents and more of an army influence)
+Charnel House - (Adds more Brahmin along with more raiders and overhauls the house and turns it into more of a farm and more lighting)
+Smith Casey's Garage - (Adds another car and some details to the outside of the garage part and more)
+Fairfax Ruins - (Adds more city stuff like cars buses, trucks bus stops and more, also added radiation to the bomb strike in the parking lot)
+Fort Independence - (Adds more of an army Influence to the fort by adding trucks and flood lights all that good stuff and more)
+Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop - (Adds more cars and lighting to the area a long with afew other stuff and a nuka cola machine)
+Girdershade - (Makes the wall surrounding the two shacks stronger and covers up the third entry leaving only two along with lights and more)
+F. Scott Key Trail & Compound - (Adds two more car wreckage and abit more rubble placed around)
+Dunwich Building - (Adds more cars and detailing to the parking lot and adds a glow to the mushrooms and more)
+Warrington Trainyard - (Adds more cars in parking lot and afew waste trucks and more rubble)
+Warrington Station - (Adds potted plants with bushes, another bus stop with some posters)
+Tenpenny Tower - (Adds lighting to the nearby tables and chairs as well as improving sandbags and basement door and more)
+RobCo Production Facility - (Adds a truck deport and afew cars in the parking lot along with rubble and more)
+The Overlook Drive-In - (Raider walls and dressing along with more raiders and afew more things)
+Andale - (Adds parked cars in by the houses as well as a toxic waste dump and detailing to the service station)
+Nuka-Cola Plant - (Adds afew bush plants more benches and rubble alone with afew more details)
+Red Racer Factory - (Adds more cars to the parking lot and a truck along with some rubble and more)
+Vault 101 - (Add protesting signs and bodies of the dead to the entry cave to the vault)
+Springvale School - (Adds more cars to the parking lot of the school and an added wreckage marked by raiders)
+Springvale - (Added cars, trucks and buses to the town along with afew added details and an overhaul of the service station plus more)
+Super-Duper Mart - (Adds more cars to parking lot and abit of traffic around the area along with a bit of a raider Influence outside)
+Flooded Metro - (Adds some more benches along with potted plants and a Nuka-Cola machine along with more)
+Arlington Library - (Adds some statues and some statue heads to the walls of the building along with a tree which was never placed)
+The Citadel - (Adds benches and more cars in the parking lot along with more details)
+Sewer Waystation - (Adds more garbage trucks to the site along with some rubble and a truck)
+Grayditch - (Adds cars, trucks and buses a long with much more to make the Town/City feel more lived in before the bombs dropped) 
+Marigold Station - (Adds potted plants on the outside near the entry to the station)
+SatCom Array NW-05a - (Improves on the sandbags and adds an army truck with some clutter on it)
+Fort Constantine - (More cars in parking lot as well as army trucks and tents as well as more)
+SatCom Array NN-03d - (Adds more raiders a long with improved sandbags and abit of lighting)
+Broadcast Tower LP8 - (Adds a dumpster truck along with some rubble)
+Reclining Groves Resort Homes - (Adds more cars trucks and rubble along with much more like toxic waste and waste dumps)
+Temple Of The Union - (Adds sandbags and afew barricades as well as cars and trucks and more to overhaul the town as well as window covers)
+Broadcast Tower LP8 - (Adds a dumpster and bits of rubble)
+Reclining Groves Resort Homes - (Adds more cars and afew trucks as well as a toxic waste dump and rumble along with more stuff)
+Greener Pastures Disposal Site - (Add more toxic waste and dumpster trucks along with making barrels radiated and more things)
+Relay Tower KX-B8-11 - (Adds a dumpster tuck and rubble to the area along with a camper)
+Grisly Diner - (Add more of a raider influence to the outside along with more cars, a truck and a much of other stuff and more raiders)
+Chaste Acres Dairy Farm - (Adds more raiders and a raider influence along with walls and rubble and other stuff)
+Republic Of Dave - (Makes the walls look more stronger as well as rubble and added lighting to make it seem more like i little town and more)
+Old Olney - (Adds better walls along with more cars and trucks making it seem like a once lived in town and fills in some large empty spots)
+Clifftop Shacks - (Adds better super mutant walls, gore bags more super mutants and afew captives to help save, and more)
+Oasis - (Adds more radiated mushrooms and adds a glow to them all, as well as the ones that are already placed)
+Minefield - (Adds improved walls along with more cars and buses with rubble and plus more)
+Germantown Police HQ - (Adds more and stronger walls including gore bags and piles with captives and much more)
+Paradise Falls - (Adds rubble and stronger walls with added lighting and a child play ground as well as much more)
+Northwest Seneca Station - (Adds more detailing to the entry of the metro along with rubble a planted pot and a phone booth and more)
+Roosevelt Academy - (Adds fencing and other details to make it seem like it was a school along with a more detailed super mutant camp)
+Faded Pomp Estates - (Adds more cars and afew dumpster trucks as well as other details like rubble and mail boxes)
+The Silver Lining Drive-In - (Adds more cars and some crashed ones along with rubble)
+Drowned Devil's Crossing - (Adds afew more cars near the bridge along with a sunken car under the bridge in the radiated water)
+WKML Broadcast Station - (Adds afew dumpster trucks and a truck parked outside of the station)
+Mason Dixon Salvage - (Adds more super mutants and gore bags along with stronger walls and some captives to set free)
+Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel - (Adds fire barrels for light as well as afew more details along with a toxic waste dump in the graveyard)
+Mount Mabel Campground - (Adds afew more cars that should be placed along with rubble and afew wreckage)
+Deathclaw Sanctuary - (Adds glowing mushrooms on entry of the cave to reflect the mushrooms on the inside)
+Broadcast Tower KB5 - (Adds two cars and some rubble along with a dumpster truck)
+Arefu - (Adds stronger walls and tries to make the entry a more straight path along with more ruined cars and rubble as well as lighting)
+Hallowed Moors Cemetary - (Adds more stronger walls to the super mutant camp along with more of them and some gore bags and more)
+Meresti Trainyard - (Adds afew cars as well as some toxic waste and a dumpster truck with afew more things)
+Agatha's House - (Adds some rubble to the area along with much more and abit of lighting)
+Scrapyard - (Adds rubble afew more cars as well and a trailer truck filled with cars ready to be placed in the scrap year and more)
+Chryslus Building - (Adds more cars to the parking lot as well as two more extra show cares outside along with some benches and more)
+Farragut West Metro Station - (Adds a bus shelters and some potted plants to fill the area along with more detailing like a nuka-cola machine)
+Rock Creek Caverns - (Adds stronger walls to the raider outpost camp along with more raiders and more details to the area and camp)
+National Guard Depot - (Adds afew benches to the grounds along with a nuka-cola machine and afew more things like potted plants)
+Corvega Factory - (Adds more Corvegas to the parking lot as well as some Corvega filled trucks as if they were on the way to a dealer ship)
+Robot Repair Center - (Adds afew more cars in the parking lot along with some benches and other stuff)
+Canterbury Commons - (Adds more cars and trucks along with bits of rubble and more)
+Flooded Metro - (Adds more potted plants to fill the area along with more benches and a Nuka-cola machine)
+Anacostia Crossing - (Adds a truck and afew cars in the parking lot, along with a potted plant a Nuka-cola machine and much more)
+Rivet City - (Adds a bridge from the main entry to the back of the ship)
+Anchorage Memorial - (Doesn't add alot to the memorial only adds afew benches and afew bins)
+Tepid Sewers - (Its a little edit but i just added afew Mirelurk eggs near the doorway)
+Irradiated Metro - (Adds some benches to the area along with a Nuka-cola machine and afew potted plants to fill in the empty space)
+Dukov Place - (Makes the walls at the front and back more stronger with added sandbags and some added detailing to the parking lot)

Overhauled Unmarked Locations
+Unmarked Power Station - (Adds two wreckage piles with two cars along with a power station building)
+Unmarked Town Surrounding Jury Street Metro Station - (Overhauls the whole town in a big way)
+Unmarked Quarry - (Adds a crane that was used to help load the trucks as well as abit of rubble and lit flood lights and a tipped truck)
+Lucky Groceries Parking Lot - (Adds more cars to the parking lot, a crashed truck and bus stop and more)
+Nuka-Cola Plant Parking Lot - (Added more cars and fixed some bush problems that aren't a lined right in the vanilla game)
+All Unmarked Super Mutant Camps - (Add more stronger walls and more super mutants along with the common stuff like gore bags and such)
+All Unmarked Raider Camps - (Adds more raiders too the locations)

Locations Not Overhauled

This is mainly due to the fact there is nothing to overhaul.
-Vault 106
-Vault 92
-Vault 108
-Yao Guai Tunnels
-Cliffside Cavern
-Hamilton's Hideaway
-Antagonizer Lair
-Jefferson Memorial
-All The Enclave Camps
-Interior World Space Of Paradise Falls

Known Problems
+DO NOT AUTO CLEAN THE MOD - The mod has already been manually cleaned, Auto cleaning the mod will revert all changes and work i have done
+When entering locations that have been overhauled you will get afew frames this is the engine processing the newly added objects and should only be one time frames, So when you return to the location or reload you wont have any effects on your frames if its a heavy overhauled area you may get a little bit shouldn't be that noticeable but when you get frames it should only be a first time thing

My Merged Mods
NOTE: The Merged mods have been refined by adding more too them and fixing afew things, so they will look abit different from the stand alone versions that way im not just straight up merging them im also adding more things to them.

+Entire Highway Overhaul - (Overhauls Highways That I Missed) - REFINED
+Ships of The Sea
+Car03 Uncut
+Anchorage WM Statue Fix
+Megaton - Beyond The Walls - (Explosion Animation Fixed) - REFINED
+Army Trucks Overhaul
+We Are Not Alone 
+Wilhelms Wharf Overhaul - REFINED
+Evergreen Mills Sign Fix
+Vault 101 Door Camera Fix - REFINED
+Rivet City Added Bridge

Entire Highway Overhaul
+Adds lots of cars to the highway. but not too much, due to the player and raiders and such
+Army trucks. With crates. (Giving a more military Presents to the world)
+Highway light posts
+Fixes afew  holes in on the highway that the player can get stuck on and not jump out of.
+Overhauled raiders near vault 101 on the highway (More barracks, afew more raiders then normal and lights and such.)
+Adds a boarder outpost beyond the highway past the none playable area (Tenpenny way)
+Overhauls Raider encounters
+Overhauls the Raider Mole Rat Race

All Raiders Outpost Overhauls
+Bethesda Ruins (Enchanted Lighting And A few More Raiders Inside Interiors) - REFINED
+Dukov Outpost Overhaul - REFINED
+FairFax Raiders Outpost Overhaul - REFINED
+Raid Shack Overhaul (Enchanted Lighting In The Interiors) - REFINED
+Golden Bridge Raider Camp Touch Up Overhaul - REFINED 
+MDPL Mass Relay Station Overhaul (Enchanted Lighting And A few Extra Raiders In The Interior) - REFINED 
+Springvale School Raider Outpost Overhaul - REFINED 
+Evergreen Mills Outpost Overhaul - REFINED
+Montgomery County Reservoir - REFINED
+Wheaton Armory Outpost Overhaul - REFINED
+Raiders Friendship Heights Overhaul - REFINED

Raider Bosses

+Sergeant - (Wheaton Armory)
+April May - (Bethesda Ruins)

-Kuroitsune - (A big thank you for all his help fix bugs and his hard work porting to TTW) https://www.nexusmods.com/users/2547005?tab=user+files
-Kwellcodechaot - (For helping do tests on the early builds for frame rates and helping with a more advanced cleans and bug fixes) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/users/6432752
-Chicagoasylum - (A big thanks for helping test the bugs and fixes of the early builds) https://www.nexusmods.com/users/49302123

My Discord
This is my modding discord that i use to share ideas and work on projects, anyone can join, Ask to do a mod with me, or to tell me about a problem with the mods i do in the debugging and help part of my discord, Im also using it to host my big projects that i have in the works for fallout 3 like the sea floor overhaul.


My Patron - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=41934929&fan_landing=true

FO3 Rebirth Compatible Projects In The Works

Projects To be worked on and will be compatible with Fallout 3 Rebirth.

-Under The Sea Overhaul
-Broken Steel Overhaul

Under The Sea
Aims the overhaul the entire playable sea floor in fallout 3 and will be compatible with Fallout 3 Rebirth, I want to add abit more exploration to the game and ill be taking abit of inspiration from fallout 4 and its sea floors.