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New Weapons Add-on V2.0

This New Weapons Add-on V2.0 mod will add six new weapons to the game. The weapons for those who seek evil karma and for survivalists.

This mod adds Grenade Launcher, Acid Gun and Energy Gun and also experimental versions of these to the game. These weapons are so powerful so that NPC's will not have these weapons.

You can pick 3 weapons in the Craterside Supply and 3 in The Armory located in Megaton.


Weapon Details:
Grenade Launcher:[Best with mid-range combat]
It is found in the table right side of you as soon as you enter the craterside supply.
Ammo: Shotgun Shells
Repair: Combat Shotgun

Acid Gun:[Cool weapon]
As soon as you enter Craterside Supply take the stairs on your left on the shelf you will find the Acid Gun.
Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell
Repair: Plasma Rifle

Energy Gun:[One hit kill for most enemies when using VATS]
After picking the Acid Gun head to the door on your right then turn right and go ahead at the end in the table you will find the energy gun.
Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell
Repair: Laser Pistol

V2.0 Update [Requires all 5 DLC's]

Added 3 new weapons found at The Armory in Megaton.

Weapon Details:

Experimental Grenade Launcher- Ammo: Shotgun Shells.
Repair: Combat Shotgun.

Experimental Acid Gun- Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell.
Repair: Plasma Rifle.

Experimental Energy Gun- Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell.
Repair: Plasma Pistol.

Just copy New Weapons Add-on V2.0.esp file to data folder in the game directory and then head to Fallout 3 Launcher and click Data Files and activate New Weapons Addon and click OK or simply use Nexus Mod Manager [NNM] or Vortex to activate the mod.
Hope you will enjoy the mod.

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