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This IS NOT an overhaul mod!! This "mod" just adds the G3 Assault rifle with a brand new texture into the Megaton Player Home.

There is also and OPTIONAL .esp for those who don't know how to add the texture to the game themselves.

If you didn't already now the location it is located:
Inside the Player house in Megaton

Fallout 3 up to date

If you do have compatibility issues and want to know what im using.
I am using FOSE (Fallout Script Extender) and Archive Invalidation Invalidator

Place the textures folder inside you Fallout 3 directory (Fallout3, Data Directory)
Optional .esp - Place the "G3AssaultRifle.esp" in your fallout 3 data directory (located in your "Fallout 3" folder, then select "Data")
use a mod manager (FOMM, or Vortex are recommended)

I also changed the original stats of the gun:
- So, there is no spread (the gun is more accurate),

- There is also a higher dps and higher damage (Original damage was 8, Now it is 15) (Original DPS = 32, Now it is 64)

- There is now 25 bullets per clip (originally there was 24/clip)

- A lower weight of 5 lbs. (originally 7lbs.)

- A higher chance to hit in vats (originally the base hit chance WAS 45%, it is now 65% chance)

- Increase in weapon value (1500 caps)

- Higher crit damage (was originally 8, Now it is 30)

- Higher crit multiplier (was 1, now it is 2.25)

- The gun durability was increased a lot (originally it was 100 health, now it is 1000 health)

- Other than that the sound, as well as the ammo of the original Assault Rifle, and the animations all stayed the same

So I didn't really like the original texture of the "G3 Assault Rifle" so I used a program called "GIMP" to make a new texture! :D
I hope you like the new texture, and the stronger Assault Rifle. (I personally don't know if this mod is "Lore-friendly", but if you really want it to be then YOU can place a note beside it saying the original owner of the house "left it behind")

I am sorry for the people who decided to blow up megaton prier to obtaining this weapon, because there is no other way to obtain it in game.
(UNLESS you use cheats or Implement into the game yourself)

Just give me credit if you decide to use MY texture.
Other than that I don't care if you repost it with different stats, or a new location, etc...