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Adds a ammo box next to the scenic outlook sign outside vault 101 with a note that tells you useful console commands.

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When your playing Fallout 3 and are using the Console do you ever forget a command? Well I've added an ammo box next to the scenic outlook sign outside vault 101 that tells you all of the important commands so you don't have to google them. This is the same as my mod for Fallout New Vegas, Console Commands Note.

Commands on the Note:
-Don't actually use the [ ] when typing commands
tgm  (toggle God mode)
tcl  (toggle no clipping)
tfc  (toggle free camera)
twf  (toggle wireframe)
sucsm  [mutiplier]  (move faster with tfc, 1 is default)

kill  (kills an npc)
resurrect  (resurrects an npc)
movetoqt  (teleports you to your quest marker)
sgtm [multiplier]  (set game time speed, default is 1)

player.rewardxp 10000  (gives you 10000 XP)
player.resethealth  (resets your health)
player.setav [skill] [number]  (change a skill level)
player.setscale [scale]  (change how big you are, default is 1)
player.additem [base_id] [amount]  (adds an item to your inventory)

sexchange (change your sex)
showracemenu  (change your race)
showbarbermenu  (change your hairstyle)
shownamemenu  (change your name)