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Now you can share your inventory with anyone in the world. Or you could recruit anyone in the world to join you in your adventures? How will you use your new found friends?

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Name:Sharing and Caring Companions (SCC)
Version: 0.85

Requirements: Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM)

Version 0.89 is out, and now is the time to input some suggestions. Any commands, functions or orders you want SCC to have is now the time to ask.

Look at the screenshots for tutorials on how to activate 'god edit mode' amongst other things.

If you ask me a question I answer here, it will rain poo on you for hours. YOU NEED FOSE.


cyrus224 has created a Raider Recruit fix for FWE "This is a simple mod that makes it so when you recruit a Raider in Sharing and Caring Companions, while using the Fallout Wanderers Edition Raider start, the other raiders around you do not become instantly hostile."

The SCC master file allows you to easily recruit any NPC you can open dialogue with. Recruited companions will follow, sneak and fight alongside you. Sharing and Caring Companions also allows you to trade with your friends and give them simple orders like 'wait' and 'dismiss'.

As new commands are released for FOSE you'll see more complex orders and different ways of issuing them to your companions.

Progress on new version

In the new version, there will be hopefully hundreds of new features. The features will be added by various patches for other mods. For instance, a TRASCH patch and a All Phalanx Modules patch.

The TRASCH patch will be quite simple, as all I have to do is change a few things. I don't have to rewrite anything because the author has TRASCH already working for any person you come across, modded in or vanilla, it doesn't matter.

All Phalanx Modules on the otherhand will be very hard to get everything working on any companion you decide to hire. The author(s) of that mod are focused on the vanilla companions, and new ones they've created themselves. They add new, and exciting -awesome- features to the built-in companions. What I hope to do is add all these new features to any companion you decide to hire.

At this moment, I've managed to develop something where each companion you've hired is placed into a list. This is a great start for Phalanx Modules patch, because I'm able to call and define a ref NPC during runtime. I'm also able to issue really cool orders outside of dialogue, for instance;

lets say if I point my crosshair at a locked container, SCC will search the list of hired companions and find the one with the highest lockpick and possibily sneak skill. That specific NPC will then go unlock the container, loot it, and return the loot to you, the player. This works for all sorts of things, you can even place some companions in tactical positions behind cover, order them to quietly move behind the enemy, etc. I will refer to this feature as non-dialogue orders.

TheTalkieToaster made non-dialogue orders in Companion Share & Recruit for Oblivion, and I'm making it for Fallout and expanding upon it. Anyway, I'd like to thanks TheTalkieToaster for the idea and the code, which I'm still learning how it fully works. Once I've figured out how all his code works, I'm going to develop the non-dialogue ordering from scatch and hopefully optimize. I hope TheTalkieToaster doesn't mind me using his script/code for now. :)


Small, simple file

Allows easy creation of custom companions

Adds immense amounts of re-playablity and immersiveness


If SCC were the first mod you downloaded for Fallout 3 you'd be well on your way to a very good time.


1)Extract the included 'Sharing and Caring Companions.esm' to your Fallout 3/data directory.

2)Check the box next to 'Sharing and Caring Companions.esm' in FOMM.

3)Load the 'Sharing and Caring Companions.esm' AFTER the Fallout3.esm in your FOMM load-order.

1) Extracts updated zip folder contents into Fallout 3/Data dictionary and overwrite the previous.

2) Disable all related ESPs and ESMs and start the game.

3) Save the game and exit.

4) Enable the related ESPs and ESMs and start the game.

5) Enjoy


1)Delete 'Sharing and Caring Companions.esm' from you Fallout3/Data folder

Known Issues

Trynfkwtmes Exotic Dancers conflicts with Sharing and Caring companions

Any mod that edits vanilla companion packages or contains the aaaFriend quest;
-Brahmin Bessy

The Phalanx Modules series is not compatible with this either. But I've asked the author if we can combine our mods, since his mod is supurb.

If an NPC talks to you without you talking to them, when the conversation ends you will be stuck with just the 'Friend..' option. To fix this, type in the console 'closeallmenus' without the quotes.

0.898 2009/08/19 -
Fixed a bug where NPCs would be revent to wrong aggression and confidence stats. I also added a failsafe so that NPCs will not randomly walk off. Now if it detects a package has changed, it will basically kick the NPC and tell them to follow you again, or start waiting again, etc.

0.894 2009/06/13 -
Fixed the dragging bodies bug. Fixed the only enegage with weapon out bug. MAJOR script cleanup which will stop some errors in the future. Also fixed something that has been bugging me for ages- basically, when hiring someone their aggression, confidence, etc settings are adjusted so they are a proper companion. But I couldn't figure out how to save the original settings. But I figured it out. :)

0.893 2009/06/07 - Bugfixes-
When you hire an NPC, they will automatically be updated with SCC aggression and confidence settings. Meaning they will not flee anymore.
You now cannot select an activate key as your control key.

Modify aggression basically. Only engage when my weapon is drawn, only engaged if provoked, attack any enemy, attack everyone except friends and allies (meaning they will attack people the NPC doesn't know).

0.892 2009/30/06 - Fixes some bugs people were having with the non-dialogue orders command key. Makes it so NPCs sneak when you do, and they draw their weapon when you do. Lets you choose the non-dialogue orders command key at the start. Choose your key wisely, as you are unable to change it at the moment. It also makes it if your companions get too far away from the player, they will teleport to them.
I also made a few modifications to some of the scripts, and now they are even more efficient. It doesn't need to define your companions ref variable every milisecond now. It does it once upon hiring. AND FINALLY. I figured how evp works, and how often NPC packages are re-evaluated. NPCs should follow you no matter what, they'll wait where you tell them -forever- and if they get lost and they are further away than a radius of 5000, they will be instantly teleported to you.

0.89 2009/26/06 - Finally added a new 'god edit' mod which allows you to set companions as essential. This update is also essential for getting your games ready for the major update which is almost done. I've redone the SCC menu, it works -much- better and is more navigatable. I've rewrote a few scripts, and they are more efficient and should have less bugs. I also added a few new pretty awesome and essential commands. You are now able to check your companions health and heal them. You can order them to repair your equipment. Enjoy.

0.8, 2009/2/11 - Fixed many bugs, added something that will be used in the next version (When the specific command for FOSE is added), you hold down numpad 1 and click your mouse button, and it will highlight what was in your crosshair. This will be used for issuing commands.
Added a toggle for recruited NPCs using ammo, NOTE that if you want NPCs to use ammo, it will fix alot more bugs than if they don't use ammo. This is not my fault, it is how Fallout was developed. Also converted Sharing and Caring Companions into an esm file so people can create plugins/patches easily. Added a few other things that were not mentioned, because I forgot.

0.3, 2009/1/6 - Added tracking of commands used, fixed a small inventory bug, sandbox is actually sandbox and will stay when you wait. I've left out NPC stats and toggle essential because for some reason if you use setessential on a ref variable, it will act as a return function. The showstats doesn't work, plain and simple I'm still trying to work out the kinks. Added some custom dialogue for NPCs that I like, and the other NPCs have generic dialogue such as ''. In the next version you will be able to group command NPCs and other various things. Oh yes, also added a wait function where they don't move at all. I've probably missed a few things, so you're going to have to figure them out yourself.

0.26, 2009/1/1 - Fixed some more bugs, namely the wait bug.

0.25, 2008/12/31 - Fixed many bugs, cleaned up the file.

0.2, 2008/12/30 - Added combat styles, guarding, wait.

0.1, 2008/12/30 - Initial release.

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SCC is part of the ULTIMATE Load Order project.


You can find me at: [email protected]


Thanks to TheTalkieToaster for inspiring me to create this mod with his own, Companions Share Recruit.
Thanks to Nexus for creating such an awesome forum.
Thanks to you, the modders and players, for making a good thing better!




You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod. If I do not respond within 2 weeks, feel free to do whatever you
like with this mod.