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This mod adds "Damage Threshold" to every armor.
DT Value is calculated by Base Armor Rating.
"Power Armor" DT Value is 40 percent of Base Armor Rating.
"All Other Armor" DT Value is 15 percent of Base Armor Rating(Minimum: 1)

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Damage Threshold in Fallout 3

-V1.1b: Added NPC armor boost. see readme for more information.

-V1.2: Changed Tesla Armor Shield Specifications
- Changed Standard Armor DT Value (now 1 + 15% of base armor value)
- Changed Power Armor DT Value (now 40% of base armor value)

This mod adds "Damage Threshold"(DT for short) to every armor.
DT is Simply subtracts Attack damage. but Can't always block the damage. this is a Script limitation.
if take numbers of damage in short period, some damages "Pass Through" the DT Script.

DT Value is Calculated by Base Armor Rating.

Power Armor DT = 40 percent of Base Armor Rating
Non-Power Armor DT = 1 + 15 percent of Base Armor Rating

and change actor scale if Power armor is equipped.

also Tesla Armor has now have a Energy shield.
Shield is can absorbs damage using shield energy.
shield energy consumption is equal to taken damage.
if you take a 50 points of damage, consumes 50 points of shield energy.
max shield energy is 150 points.
this means to if shield energy is full, shield is can absorb 150 points of damage at once.