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(1.5 Update Repack - moved file and duped a line for bug prevention)
*Now adds more variety to Butch's dialogue, particularly for combat.* Removes the gender restriction for Butch's flirtatious follower dialogue and adds in some unused lines. Now with extra combat dialogue to lessen repetition.

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"What, don't you like my aftershave?"

"Oh, I'm the best, baby."

"If you wanna get closer to me, that's all you gotta say."
This mod allows this vanilla voiced dialogue to appear for all players by removing the gender restriction. It also ensures that Butch won't refer to you as "girl" by cutting the dialogue for male players.

Now with additional voice lines for areas such as combat, trade and greetings.

Originally created for personal use to add more variety to companion dialogue, with some extra player character specific references for roleplaying.
New in 1.5
  • 94 total new voice lines
  • Greatly diversified combat dialogue
  • Conditions added to some dialogue lines

1.5 Repack details:
  • Small update to move the .esp into the Data file to ensure correct installation.
  • Duplicated "If you wanna get closer to me, that's all you gotta say."  to have two versions with male and female flagged variants as a quick bug fix (where the girl one would always play) until future versions.

Incompatibilities: Other companion mods may conflict and cause issues such as vanilla dialogue being restored.

TTW Version? Feel free to convert the mod etc for personal use. At the moment, I am working on rebuilding the mod for a TTW release.