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Ever wanted to become a super mutant? No? Well too bad! Metamorphosis gives you the option to become one.

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Metamorphosis will turn you into something a lot uglier than a butterfly. — PC Gamer magazine

Ever wanted to become a super mutant? No? Well too bad! Metamorphosis gives you the option to become one.

In Vault 87 you will have an option to become a super mutant. Vault 87 is normally accessible during Finding the Garden of Eden main quest.

As a super mutant you gain:

  • +15 Damage Resistance
  • +20 Poison Resistance
  • Radiation Immunity

You will be considered a friend to super mutants, but the rest of the world will not hesitate to shoot you. Mutants aren't welcome in most places.

You wont be able to equip human armors, but there's a fairly large selection of 13 super mutant armors available. You can loot super mutant armor from super mutant corpses.

In addition, there are 5 new perks available to pick as a super mutant:

  • Steady Arm
  • Psychotic
  • Centaur Friend
  • Juggernaut
  • Super Slam!

Furthermore, there's a new super mutant companion - Ghunorn. You can find him outside Germantown Police HQ.

In order for the 1st person mode to work you'll need to use the Enhanced Camera mod. It's not required, but it is recommended.

Once installed, go to data\fose\plugins folder, open up FOSE_EnhancedCamera.ini, then set bUseThirdPersonArms=1 and bEnableHeadBob=1 as underlined. Don't forget to save your changes.

You can disable hostility by going into data\config folder, open Metamorphosis.ini, then set bNoHostility=1 as underlined. NPCs and factions won't attack you on sight. Note that this will only work before you become a super mutant.

Metamorphosis is powered by FOSE — courtesy of Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, and Paul Connelly. Metamorphosis — Playable Super Mutant Race by genin32.

A big shout out to Hopper31, C16, lStewieAl and TrueBloodBK they helped me a lot when working on this.

Thank you to PC Gamer magazine for showcasing Metamorphosis!