About this mod

Adds Enclave soldiers, officers, robots, and other Enclave NPCs to Point Lookout.

Permissions and credits
Considering how close Point Lookout is to the Capital Wasteland, it's a tad strange how there's literally no trace of Enclave activity in Point Lookout, especially considering how the Enclave has vertibirds at their disposal, this mod attempts to satisfy this minor plot hole.

What this mod is planning on doing is adding a large Enclave presence into Point Lookout

I know this may not be 100% lore friendly, I just imaged that, after their defeat at Adams Air Force Base, the remnants of the Enclave scattered all over the place, with Point Lookout being no exception.

I do plan on adding more content to this mod in the future, such as Enclave patrols all around Point Lookout, more outposts, and compatibility patches.

Here's the locations that are changed so far, but I may change more if I'm able to get them to work.

Covered bridge

Disaster reflief outpost

Naval recruiting center

Point Lookout Lighthouse

USS Ozymandias


Jet Crash Site

St. Aubin medical facility (Underground Lab)

(I did plan on adding troops to the underground lab under the lighthouse, but for some reason the soldiers attacked the robots, regardless of what I did with their factions. If anyone knows of a fix, please lemme know.)

Currently requires Point Lookout (duh) and Broken Steel.

Compatible with the Enclave Improvement Project.

Compatible with all of my other mods.

Incompatible with Point Lookout Reborn.

Incompatible with Stories from Point Lookout. Because of how ESPs and all that work, I wasn't able to just make a patch for Enclave Presence and Stories from Point Lookout. Instead, I had to edit the original Stories from Point Lookout ESP to be compatible with Enclave Presence. This edited version of Stories from Point Lookout can be found under the Enclave Presence file, just make sure to not have the original Stories from Point Lookout and my edited version installed at the same time.

Note: As of now, I am focusing 100% on base game Point Lookout, once I am satisfied with vanilla PLEP, I will start making more compatibility patches.


One of the more game changing features is how to actually get into Turtledove Detention Camp, I'll let you find that out on your own :)

I have also changed how to get into the USS Ozymandias, however it is much less of a challenge to get into it, so I'll let you find this one out.

If the soldier and/or officer that is supposed to be on the USS Ozymandias is instead somewhere in the surrounding water, waiting a few hours should fix the issue.


1.0 - Release

1.1 - Improved the soldiers guarding the front gate of Turtledove Detention Camp. (If they appear under the platforms wait an hour and they will move to their right places.) - Added an Enclave outpost at the Naval recruiting center.

1.2 - Adjusted humanoid guard at Naval recruiting outpost. - Added an outpost in the Warehouse. - Transferred some personal at the Naval recruiting outpost to the Warehouse outpost.

1.3 - Added an Enclave outpost at the covered bridge. - Added a custom terminal at the covered bridge.

1.4 - Renovated the USS Ozymandias into an Enclave outpost.

1.4.5 - Corrected spelling errors in the covered bridge terminal logs.

1.5 - Replaced the smugglers that kill Marcella with Enclave soldiers. - Added a note explaining why the Enclave killed Marcella. - Gave note to one of the soldiers in the Disaster Relief Outpost.

1.6 - Added Enclave troops, officers, scientists, and barriers to the Point Lookout Lighthouse.

1.7 - Improved the Turtledove Detention Camp Morgue. - Added Enclave troops, officers, scientists, and barricades to all three excavated muck holes and surrounding areas. - Added troops and a robot to the Jet Crash Site. - Added Enclave creatures, such as robots and Deathclaws, to places all around Point Lookout. - Added a few little scuffle battles between Enclave and smugglers, ghouls, and Swampfolk. - Added Enclave troops, officers, and scientists to the Underground Lab.