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Makes changes to the rewards found in the quest Oasis. You now have the potential to claim all the rewards and new ones if certain choices are made.

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- Summary

It always irked me how you weren't able to get all the goodies from this quest. Even more so when 2 of the 3 choices you are given are both morally wrong and terrible for the environment
. So I always choose to peacefully end Harold's suffering which allows the Treeminders to see the truth. However should you take this path, the game only rewards you a measly perk that increases your DR by 5 , locking you out from getting the other unique items. This mod changes it so you can choose to kill Harold ( Peacefully) and potentially get all of the rewards.

- Changes

  • Allows the player to be rewarded by the other Treeminders if they destroyed Harold's heart and weren't rude in previous conversations.
  • Created a unique helmet for Linden's armor. Rewarded by Linden when siding with Laurel or destroying Harold's heart.
  • Replaces Cypress's reward, which was a nearly broken missile launcher in favor of a new unique version of the weapon. Rewarded by Cypress if sided with Birch or destroying Harold's heart.

- Any issues with the mod?

The only inconsistency is when Poplar rewards you her hood when destroying Harold's heart. She will speak as if you sided with Laurel, nothing I can do about that. Also, contrary to what the Fallout wiki claims, you don't need to pass any speech checks or even talk the 4 Tree minders  before entering the caves. Only your decision when reaching Harold's heart affects the Tree minders rewards, tested this without my mod and without talking to any of them. The only exception to this is Sapping Yew, you must pass a speech check ( Or use child at heart) before completing the quest.

If you completed this quest before installing, here are the ID's so you may add them rather than restarting the quest.

Linden's helmet - 71003d30
New missile launcher - 71003d34

- Requirements

- Fallout 3
(optional) A mod manager, FOMM recommended.
(optional) I also recommend using
Oasis Award Outfit Fixes by DavidYokosukaJapan As it gives Maples garb and Poplars hood the correct stats.

Thats it for now, I hope you all enjoy the mod! Have fun :)