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A first playthrough friendly modding guide, that focuses on covering the entire game with all kinds of improvements, be it graphical improvements, gameplay enhancements or stability tweaks, while still keeping the core experience mostly intact.

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MO 2 Version now available, thanks to Rogdonlp!



Update 1.2:

Update 1.1:


This is an extensive, comprehensive and polished modding guide for Fallout 3. I've been working on it it's been over one year now (i started it on January 2018).

This guide:

-Is the result of gathering and organization of information from many sources, such as blogs, websites, videos, Reddit posts and other guides as well. I searched throughout the internet and tried to combine everything into a definitive modding guide.

-Is a WIP (Work In Progress) for as long as i keep interest in Fallout 3. Mods might be added or updated at any point. And some might become obsolete due to better alternatives (specially bugfixes).

-Should be first playthrough friendly, as it focuses on covering the entire game with all kinds of improvements, be it texture mods or gameplay tweaks, while still keeping the core experience mostly intact.

-Doesn't include mods that change gameplay features drastically or add completely new content, with a few exceptions and quality of life mods, such as RH_Ironsights and Weapon Mod Kits.

-Was extensively tested. I analyzed each mod, tried to increase and ensure compatibility as much as possible, avoiding bugs, conflicts, crashes and even creating or discovering a few fixes myself. The game should be pretty stable after all of the modding if you read with attention and follow everything carefully.

I'm always open to corrections and suggestions. Feel free to talk to me anytime on the comment section if you need help with something as well.

And please don't forget to endorse if you feel like this guide has benefited you!


Proper Projectiles and Casings (PPAC)

This is a little mod/patch i made to help with this guide. Basically it gives proper projectiles and casings to weapons. So for example, the 10mm pistol won't eject a RIFLE (!!!) bullet casing when shooting. And the bullet projectile itself will be correct as well, according to the weapon. I have done that for all of the main firearms in the game and i have made it compatible with WMK, Millenia's weapon mods and Realistic Bullet Speed at the same time (it requires all three of them). It also brings one or two tweaks to some stuff in this guide, such as the 10mm SMG stats, to make it two-handed and fix a small bug with RH_IS+WMK, for example.

Just download it and install when the guide says it (at the very end). I don't recommend trying to use it outside this guide as it requires many specific mods/patches in this guide in a specific order. It was made for this guide.

I do have a vanilla game only PPAC version and a complete version just without RBS compatibility. I don't know if i'll ever make a mod page for these though.