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A series of counters with sink, derived from Vanilla Furniture.
A Modder's resource.

Permissions and credits
Some stuff that was hanging 3/4 finished on my HD.
A kitchen resource for Modders, integrating sinks in counters and made modular for maximum enjoyment. Uses Vanilla textures.

Adding Modular Kitchen furniture
- Kitchen working table
- With Sink Left
- With Sink Right
- With Double sink
- Left or right block prop
- Left or right fridge door
- Left or right oven door
- Cooking plate
Enlarging the Diner Counter line (matches the Vanilla Diner counter)
- With Sink Left
- With Sink Right
- With Double sink
- Cap left with sink
- Cap Right with sink
- Half counter
- Half counter with sink
Enhancing the Lower Bar
- With Sink Left
- With Sink Right
- Half counter
- Half counter with sink  
Tweaking the Vault Counter
- Reworked Counter
- With Sink Left
- With Sink Right
Usable sink anywhere
- An invisible sink marker

FO3 or FNV.
- Manually:
Extract from the archive to any folder. Place the Meshes and textures folder in the game Data folder.
- Or use a Mod Manager
- Manually:
Delete the placed folders.
- Or use a Mod Manager
Know issues
Not Known.
Bug reports are welcome and rewarded with Kudos.
Use freely in your FO3 and FNV mods only, with credits.
Please, keep "Pix" somewhere in the name if you're renaming my resources.Thank you.
Blessing thoughts to Prensa whom I'm greatly missing.
This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsibility for anything that may come to happen from using this file.
You MAY NOT use any part of this mod for commercial purposes, including (but not limited to) creating a paid mod. Don't make money out of this, in any way!
You MAY use this resource and earn Donation Points on Nexus with it.
Tools Used:
Blender 2.49
G.E.C.K & GeckPowerUp
NifSkope 1.1.3 & 2 Dev7
Photoshop CS2
Pixelhate 2018