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This mods will allow you to travel between Tenpenny Tower and Rivet City in a BOS zeppelin. Take ride over the clouds. Read description for more details.

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This mod will allow you to travel between Tenpenny Tower and Rivet City in a BOS zeppelin in a ride over the clouds.
This zeppelin has been rented to the BOS by Tenpenny to allow the travel and trade between both settlements. The travel costs 100 caps and last about 40 seconds. The zeppelin has a pseudo animation to make you feel you travel above the clouds.
If you have not talked to Chief Gustavo at Tenpenny Tower and Chief Harkness in Rivet City first, the BOS wont allow you to travel in their zeppelin.
If you kill Allistair Tenpenny, the zeppelins will keep travelling between Tenpenny Tower and Rivet city, but if ghouls take control of Tenpenny tower and kill all their residents, the BOS will take away their zeppelins forever.
Once more, this is a good mod for those who get rid of fast travel, creating an immersive way to move across the wasteland.
They are not visible from a far distance because they dont have LOD meshes and I have no idea of how to create the or make them work... yet.
Watch video below. Enjoy and share your comments.


Fixed the colliders porperties of the zeppelins at exteriors. Now projectiles wont pass through them. 


- Modified the mesh of the zeppelin cab interior to make it more roomy. 
- Added signs at both zeppelins location indicating their destination.


- Added voice to the dialogue of the zeppelin BOS soldiers
- Added light to the zeppelin interior for better ilumination during night travel.


- Added reflectors to both zeppelins stations and improved the ilumination inside the zeppelin interior for users, like me, that use DC moods or darker nights mods. Since zeppelin stations work 24 hours is logical they have illumination during the night. Reflectors lights will turn on at 7:30 pm and will turn off at 6:30 am. Watch the last screenshot.


- Added chromed effect to the textures of the zeppelin.


Fallout 3
DLC Broken Steel
DLC Anchorage


Extract .rar in yor FO3 data folder.


none so far. If you find any bug , notify me and I will try to fix it ASAP.


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