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Adds 3 Mercenaries that will defend Arefu after the completion of Blood Ties.

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This mod is a reduxed version of my last mod, Defenders of Arefu. In the previous mod the Mercs had terrible hair choices, stood there like statues, and were otherwise unimmersive...

...however, that all has been changed. The Mercs are way more immersive: Hair colors look normal, their equipment are now different, and they will only start defending Arefu once its associated quest is completed (not failed. Completed). With different AI structure and faction relations, these NPCs are no longer mere statues-like NPCs. They are Mercenaries worthy of defending the small settlement.

Now, for the proper description:

Arefu. A small settlement in the middle of a Mirelurk hellhole. Attacked by raiders, slavers, and a family of vampiric freaks. Near destroyed, and all hope is lost. But with the arrival of the Lone Wanderer, things begin to look up. The attacks from The Family cease, the people start coming outta their homes. And peace seems to reign at last... but it wont be a lasting one. There are still threats out in the Wasteland. Raiders, deathclaws, Enclave, slavers... Arefu is a prime target for easy pickings with no change in direction. What hope do they have for survival in the years to come?

It's just their luck, however, that a trio of mercenaries sit nearby the small community pre-Blood Ties. And with the completion of Blood Ties, the people of Arefu will hire these mercs to defend their small town from any outside incursion.

This mod would also go great with any mod that adds in periodic enemy assaults on settlements. This mod is also compatible with any mod that adds in guard to Arefu!


Credit to Tulimak for giving me the idea to redux this mod.