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Not much of an issue. See description.

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Mod version 1.0
1. Fix for Fission Battery not being removed from the player's inventory, if both conditions are fulfilled (Repair >= 75, player has the battery).
2. Fix for script running in GameMode (aka every frame while you are in the area) setting ad infinitum "Set Button to GetButtonPressed" even if you repaired the elevator.
a. The XP granted for repairing the elevator should be 50 not 25 (as seen in screenshot). I'm using my own "Slower leveling mod" which cuts the XP gained in half.
Check Experience Points Reduced 10 20 30 40 50 Percent posted on Augustus XXV, 2018 A.D.
b. You can restore the elevator's power only if your Repair >= 75, even if you have the Fission Battery or Donovan's wrench.

Take care.
Feel free to use it in any of your mods.
Just point whatever finger you want in my direction and give me some credits or...not, if you care that much.

Some button pushed.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for alleviating our compulsive oversharing pain, be it for mods, screenshots or overly technical comments with no connection whatsoever with the real issue.