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Now part of the RPG Overhaul mod.

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(#)< of ranks: effect [+/-](skill) @ rank(1-#).

(I)Action Point perks:
(2)Action Boy/Girl:  +25 AP, at rank two reduces AP costs by 25%.
(5)Grim Reaper's Sprint: +20-100 AP on kill.
(3)Kamikaze: +15-45 AP, -10-30% Damage Resistance.
(3)Sniper: +25-75% chance to hit in V.A.T.S.
(5)Math Wrath:Reduce AP cost by 10-50%

(5)Better Criticals: +25-150% extra critical damage.
(2)Black Widow/Lady Killer: +10-25%extra damage.
(3)Bloody Mess: +5-15% extra damage, ranks two and three cause bloody explosions.
(5)Demolitions Expert: 20-100% extra damage.
(3)Entomologist: +25-75% extra damage.
(3)Ninja: +5-15% critical chance, +25-75% critical damage.
(3)Pyromaniac: +25-75% extra damage.
(2)Robotics Expert: +25-50% extra damage, at rank two unlock robot deactivation.

(3)Cyborg: +5-15% Resistances and Energy Weapons skill, -10% Action Point cost at rank three.
(3)Nerd Rage: +3-9 Strength, +25-75% Damage Resistance.
(5)Radiation Resistance: +15-75% what else?
(5)Toughness: +5-25% Damage Resistance.

(Daddy's Boy/Girl, Gun Nut, Little Leaguer, Scoundrel, Size Matters, Thief)
(5)X: +10-50 given skill(s).
(4)Comprehension: +1-4 skill points gained from books.
(3)Educated: Grants 2-6 skill points per level.
(2)Impartial Mediation: +25,50 Speech.
(5)Intense Training: +2-10 S.P.E.C.I.A.L points.
(3)Life Giver: 50-150 Health.
(3)Night Person: +2 Perception/Intelligence/Agility.
(2)Silent Running: +10,25 Sneak, -50-100% detection while running.
(3)Solar Powered: +1-3 Strength, +50% Exp gain at rank three.
(3)Strong Back: 50-150 Carry Weight.
(3)Tag!: 1-3 additional tag skills.
(2)Master Trader: +10-20 Barter, -10-25% shop prices.

(3)Adimantium Skeleton: -25-75% Limb Damage.
(3)Chemist: 2/2.5/3 times duration.
(3)Chem Resistant: -25-75% addiction chance.
(5)Finesse: +5-25% Critical Chance.
(3)Lead Belly: -25-75% Radiation from water sources.
(5)Swift Learner: +10-50% Exp gain, 25% speed boost at rank five.