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a collection of classic fallout weapons including; P90 HK CAWS HK G11 Pancor Jackhammer and more. still in beta phase and in developement

Permissions and credits
02:06, 30 June 2009

I'm back baby. cured of my MMO addiction and clean for over a month now, i can finally get around to finishing what i started, with apologies to all those who were waiting desperately for the final release.


as for all the emails etc. i've recieved regarding permissions to use this mod in other mods/translate it/etc. if you haven't already done so, by all means please do!

i am stating this now:

this mod is FREE to be used in any way you see fit, except for profit, and as long as you give appropriate credit.

You will always be able to find the latest version of my weapons mod HERE

if anyone wishes to modify/reskin this i'd be more than happy for them to do so, and please send me a copy so i can include it in the final build (.DDS preferred, but i can work with anything)

all weapons can be found in shops, in the hands of raiders, Enclave troops, Brotherhood members, supermutants, NPCs etc.

to install, simply extract the contents of the package using winrar or similar to \fallout3\data, and using fomm or the fallout launcher, activate the .esp

this mod REQUIRES Archive Invalidation - Invalidated

The ridiculous damage displaying in the pip boy for the pancor and the caws are a KNOWN ISSUE. please note that this is NOT a bug to do with my mod, but a calculation error in the game, to which there is no known fix. the CAWS does EXACTLY the same amount of damage PER SHOT as the standard combat shotgun.

added so far:
item codes included, replace 01 with whatever number (in hexadecimal) this mod is in your load order. so if it's the 3rd mod loaded, the code for 14mm ammo would be 0301CCCC.

14 mm 0101CCCC
.45 cal 0100AE7A
4.7 mm Caseless 0101BF5D
HN Needler 01030200

Cattle Prod 0100154C
Wakizashi 01028747

14mm Pistol 0100E3B9
Desert Eagle 0100A7D4
.223 Pistol 01009A7A
Needler 0100E3C1

M3A1 "Grease Gun"010043F9
Tommy Gun 01000EAA
HK P90C 01000EA8
HK G11 01001BF4
HK G11E 01016F88

Pipe Rifle 0100E3C4
Red Ryder LE BB gun 0100E3C6
Scoped Hunting Rifle 0100E3C5

Assault Rifle
FN FAL 0100E3C3
XL70E3 0100E3C8

Winchester Widowmaker 0100E3C2
HK CAWS 01000EA7
Pancor Jackhammer 01003D4F

Machine Gun
M60 Machine Gun 0100E3B8
Light Support Weapon 0100E3B7
Bozar 0100B528
Vindicator Minigun 01022374

Energy Weapons
Wattz Laser Pistol 0102CA0A
YK32 Pulse Pistol 01033DF0
YK42B Pulse Rifle 01028DF7
Wattz Laser Rifle 0102CA0B
Winchester P940102CA0C

Rock 01000EA6
Molotov Cocktail 0101C60F
Flare 01021604
Throwing Knife 01021CBD

please PM me at www.fallout3nexus.com if you would like to take part in the project.
if you have made a skin, PLEASE send it to me asap.

Full Credit will of course be given to contributors.

Texture Artists
Tanya Lilith
(i'd list who did what, but i've lost track of who's textures got used for what)

Original Model Authors
joefoxx082 for the 14mm pistol and wattz laser weapons
FalloutRaven for the bozar
Pete and Milenia for the FN FAL
jason casrez for greaser
Dan for the thompson
Short_Fuse and Kimono for the P90
The Wastes mod team for the G11
uncanny valley for the molotovs
Drop_Dead for the XL70
Psycho Chicken for the Light Support Weapon
jaysus for the wakizashi
DaiShiHUN for the pulse rifle and P94 plasma rifle
voiddweller for the pulse pistol

Linkesauge for his constant and consistent advice/testing
BaDkaRmA158Th for his incredible help and support
CrazyAce for much advice and many sounds
Vash for the Desert Eagle/fn fal
Pelinor for the reticles
Zenball for fixing up my description icons

This is it, the big one folks.

reload animations.

they took me forever and a day, but they're here.
the first person versions are a little sketchy, you can't quite see what's going on. i'll fix this for next release.

now with high quality, high resolution textures.
i've lowered the prices of all of the weapons.
i'm fairly happy with the durability of the weapons.
wattz weapons and the p94 set off gas traps now.
vindicator miniguns will now only show up on super mutant masters and should only have a 1 in 4 chance of carrying them, also this should only occur above level 15.
i've removed 7.62 mm and .223 ammo types instead using the vanilla .308 and 5.56 types respectively.
fixed up the firing animations so the recoil will actually sync with the weapons fire.
played with xl70 and LSW a bit to orient it a little better.
drum on tommy gun refined
cattle prod now has concussion effect instead of paralysis effect.

pancor redone
caws redone
.223 redone
bozar redone
tommy gun redone
unique/upgraded weapons added (only available in test cell right now)
weapon prices fixed

flare continues to perplex me, but can be thrown again (i'm really surprised how much feedback i recieved about the flare no longer being affected by gravity, considering the flare itself never really worked or did anything and was useless as a weapon)

Pipe Rifle added
YK32 Pulse Pistol added
Red Ryder LE BB Gun added
Max Hardman's textures included
description icons added
tommy gun levelled list altered

needler pistol added
update for bozar model, texture and sound
updated pancor model
glow map added to .223 pistol
FN FAL swapped to l1a1
scoped hunting rifle re-added
fixed up stupid stuff i did to p94
fixed tommygun multiple drops
fixed vats problems on some guns
added specular to normal maps
think i fixed texture problems maybe i hope

Wattz Laser Weapons added
P94 Plasma gun added
prod fixed good
some texture tweaks
Vindicator ammo corrected
played around with sounds

wakizashi added
pulse rifle added
new skin for pancor, caws and cattle prod.
cattle prod now paralyzes target for 5 seconds.
the effect, while somewhat unrealistic, makes me lol every time, so it's staying that way for now.
increased merchant supplies of ammo
fixed vindicator animation and ammo type
scoped hunting rifle removed, .nif was causing issues

Vindicator Minigun Added
Scoped Hunting Rifle added
fixed tommy gun issue i hope (texture was sized wrongly)
played with some other stuff, can't remember/too minor to list
still losing time on the damn flare.